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Tournaments | S1cknote Invitational 4

Date and Time

Date: June 7 2014, 2:00 PM EST
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Format: 5v5
Teams: 9 / 32 registered.

Enter the Chat when the tournament begins.


  • First Place: $200 USD, 4,625 Waypoints
  • Second Place: 4,625 Waypoints
  • Third Place: 4,625 Waypoints


  • s1cknote
  • Sporesmith


Tournaments are only open to Registered users. Please login or register.

Registered Teams

Surreal Gaming (Captain: Kusqt)

Four Doge and a Toddler (Captain: sheebslol)

To Be Determined (Captain: Lucky)

Band of Baddies (Captain: mcscrag)

NoDiceGaming (Captain: ThatGamerLive)

VexX Gaming (Captain: SwiftyQue)

Kamakaze Kittens (Captain: MisterPuffins)

#woodleague (Captain: Ragroste)

Live Free or Dive Hard (Captain: fatseaturtle)

Brackets hosted externally: Please see the reddit thread for a link to the bracket!

Tournament Format
  • The format for the tournament is double elimination.
  • The format for the tournament is once again being reworked. We will be using group stages initially there will be two groups with bo1 between all other teams in the group and the top two teams from each group will be placed into the bracket. The bracket this time around will be reduced to single elimination and will also include a 3rd place match. All bracket games will be a bo3.
  • Shaper picks are unique per game: once picked, a shaper is not eligible to be picked by the opposing team.
  • All match results must be posted to the tournament admins.
Picks and Bans

Picks and bans are to be done in the pre-game lobby. The team that is listed first on the bracket starts as the Mortal side, and then it alternates every game

  • Team A BANS 1 Shaper
  • Team B BANS 1 Shaper
  • Team A Picks 1 Shaper
  • Team B Picks 2 Shapers
  • Team A Picks 1 Shaper
  • Team B BANS 1 Shaper
  • Team A BANS 1 Shaper
  • Team B Picks 1 Shaper
  • Team A Picks 2 Shapers
  • Team B Picks 1 Shaper
  • Team A Picks 1 Shaper
  • Team B Picks 1 Shaper
Two Weeks Remaining:
One Week Remaining:

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