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Tournaments | Battle in Bot Lane 10

Date and Time

Date: Jan 24, 2014
Time: 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST
Format: 2v2
Teams: 24 / 32 registered.

Enter the Chat when the tournament begins.


  • First Place: Each player will receive (1) G602 Wireless Gaming


  • BestDibsNA
  • Twerp78


Tournaments are only open to Registered users. Please login or register.

Registered Teams

TSG Lore (Captain: Gaarawarr)

DibsOnDibs (Captain: ChubbyScrotum)

Last Hit Shapers Only (Captain: Quinzelette)

I Don't Know (Captain: ElrictheMinion)

PMS Squad (Captain: BanBang)

Baldyr Legacy (Captain: balziere)

Shots! Shots! Shots! (Captain: tazdragon96)

Brokeback Twins (Captain: Zhaen)

No "I" in Marksman (Captain: KowtowRobinson)

BeardCheck (Captain: Pyro)

The Ugly Uggers (Captain: Milly245)

DibsOP (Captain: Mackay)

Oportunisti─Źni Hipokriti (Captain: frozenspirit)

NsG (Captain: NsG_Mattamunch)

With Ourselves (Captain: MrGooRoo)

non-magical kittens (Captain: magicalpuppy)

Jefleigh (Captain: Evercleared)

Acorn Tier (Captain: Spinaldash)

Team Salt (Captain: Nikken)

Sapped girls can't say no (Captain: LasergunQQ)

Fireball (Captain: Delirious25)

StressLevel 0 (Captain: AnInstigator)

cats (Captain: dudewheresmycat)

ZhaenXRhaenBL (Captain: Zhaen01)

Tournament bracket provided by

Game Type:
  1. Games will be played 2v2 in the Bot Lane Only
  2. Two Ban per Team which is to be made clear in the Game Lobby before Shaper Select
    Picking a banned shaper will result in disqualification
  3. Blind Pick with Duplicate Shapers
    These picks do not need to be made clear to the other team in the game lobby.
  4. NEW: Higher team seed plays Mortal (Left / Bot) side and bans first. Teams alternate both sides and bans in BO3 Matches
Win Conditions:

There are multiple win conditions for this tournament and are as listed below.

You will only need to accomplish one (1) of these three (3) conditions before your opponent to win the round.

  1. Reach a total of two (2) kills.
  2. Have a combined total of 100 last-hits between you and your partner.
  3. Destroy the first enemy binding.
In Game Rules:
  1. No Attacking / Killing Jungle Camps (Including Money Pigs, Parasite, and Spirit Well Workers)
  2. No Capturing of Spirit Wells
  3. Do not leave the allowed area here is a map picture of all allowed areas or Colorblind Version
  4. Use of both wards is allowed
  5. All Items are allowed
  6. All Shapers are allowed.
  7. Returning to Base by walking or recalling is allowed.
Registration Details:
  • Registration Closes at 5:25pm PST / 8:25pm EST
  • Matches can begin at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST
  • No Shows Disqualified at 5:45pm PST / 8:45pm EST
Bracket Format
  • Quarter-Finals and Below: Best of One
  • Semi-Finals: Best of Three
  • Finals: Best of Three
Tournament Setup
  • Matches will be coordinated on the Shout Box tab on this page.
  • Matches will be created in the Custom Game Lobby
  • Each Team will tell the other team, **Two (2) Bans** in the lobby before the game starts.
    • Each team will have 2 bans for a total of 4 bans.
    • If I type Ban Dibs and you type Ban Raina these shapers will be banned for both teams.
    • So if Team 1 bans Dibs they cannot pick Dibs and you cannot pick Dibs.
    • Higher team seed plays Mortal (Left / Bot) side and bans first. Teams alternate both sides and bans in BO3 Matches
    • When both teams understand the bans and are ready you can start the game.
  • Shaper Select will be blind pick with duplicate shapers allowed, picking a banned shaper will result in disqualification.
  • In game both teams will go bot and play until a win condition is satisfied.
  • When a team has won the game take a screenshot with the scoreboard open or of the destroyed binding.
  • All players will quit the match upon a team?s victory. The game will end upon all players leaving or exiting their client. (Screenshots will help to settle any false reports.)
  • Report the winner of the match to a Tournament Admin in IRC.
  • As the bracket updates continue to play games until finals at which point Twerp and BestDibsNA will cast all rounds of the semi-finals and finals.
Disconnect, Remake, Substitute, and Name Policies
  • Each team is allowed (1) remake
  • Must call for remake before 2:30 ingame. Remakes are allowed after 2:30 if your opponent allows it.
  • Remade games must use the same shapers on both sides.
  • Substitute players are not allowed, however you may change your roster until the event begins.
  • We ask that you please play under your regular In-Game-Name and as well that you do not change names or accounts during the event.
  • Please register for the event under the same name you use ingame.
  • Offensive ingame and team names will be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament staff. Keep it clean!
Two Weeks Remaining:
One Week Remaining:

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