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Our partners at Dawncentral released a skin spotlight for The Nine Fenmore:

Be sure to follow their twitter at - - for more Dawngate videos!

Our partners at Dawncentral released a Shaper preview for Ronan, The Peacemaker:

Be sure to follow their twitter at - - for more Dawngate videos!

The Nine Ronan can be purchased for 785 Waypoints in The Collection

The Nine Fenmore can be purchased for 785 Waypoints in The Collection

The Nine Kindra can be purchased for 785 Waypoints in The Collection

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

As the denizens of the world fight for the fate of The Dawngate, so shall the strongeamong you fight for the honor to be the champions of the noble North, the inspiring South, the fearless East or the progressive West.

Waystone Games, in cooperation with our friends at ESL, is pleased to announce our first ever competitive gameplay initiative: The Race to the Gate Beta Tournament Series!

Between now and March of 2014 teams will compete in a series of four qualifier
tournaments, each an epic battle in their own rights. Participants will not only fight for the honor of representing a region within the world of Dawngate, but also for the spoils of war: a $3,000 purse paid out to the top three teams in each of the four qualifier tournaments.

Those interested in competing should prepare themselves and their teams now. Signups will start this Friday, October 3rd, 2014. Be sure to watch us on Twitter (@TheDawngate) and Facebook ( for updates on when and where teams can register.

In the meantime, you can create your ESL account by visiting All team members will need to be registered at ESL to participate in the tournament series.

As the regional champions are chosen over the course of the four tournaments, their eyes will be set on the ultimate prize: A four team invitational tournament with a $15,000 prize pool to be shared amongst the top three teams. While bragging rights and glory are certainly rewards of their own, the winning team will also shape the story of The Dawngate Chronicles, as their region's victory will be reflected in the living story of Dawngate.

Our first tournament will take place in the North, home to such shapers as the fiercely loyal Raina Tallund, her precognitive brother Zalgus, and the devastated survivor Freia. Eight teams will enter the fray, yet only one shall emerge as the victor. This event will take place between Friday, October 17th and Saturday October 18th, 2014. More details will come in a news post to follow.

Good luck and may the best team win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Race to the Gate Beta Tournament Series?

A: This is a series of four open registration tournaments, the winners of which will take part in a Grand Invitational tournament to be held in March 2015.

Q: How do I sign my team up to play in the tournament?

A: Signups for the first open tournament will start on Friday, October 2nd, 2014. Please watch the Dawngate Twitter (@TheDawngate) or the Dawngate Facebook page ( for more information.

Q: When will the first open Tournament take place?

A: The first event will take place October 17th and 18th, 2014.

Q: Is this tournament North America only?

A: At this time we will be hosting all matches on the North American Tournament Realm. As a result, we highly discourage anyone from outside of North America from participating. We want to ensure as level a playing field as possible.

Q: How will the tournament prizes be paid out?

A: The top three teams from each event will finish "in the money".
For the preliminary tournaments, the total purse will be $3,000.00 (USD)

1st Place Team: $1,500.00 (USD)
2nd Place Team: $1,000.00 (USD)
3rd Place Team: $500.00 (USD)
For the Grand Invitational tournament, the total purse will be $15,000.00 (USD)

1st Place Team: $7,500.00
2nd Place Team: $5,000.00
3rd Place Team: $2,500.00

Q: Is there anything I need to do right now if I want to participate?

A: All players on your team will need to create an account here:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Performance Improvements

We've updated the engine to optimize performance on lower end graphics cards. Turning settings down to "Low" will take a big load off of your card. Give it a try if you think it will help. Please test it out as we're constantly collecting data on performance.

While this is not the end of our performance work, this should help a ton of users. Read more about the Forward Renderer in the Patch Notes.

Ronan, The Peacemaker

You kept telling us: "Guys. Dawngate ... needs more otters." We said: "You're right."

This patch brings Ronan, The Peacemaker into the Dawngate. Guys, you made this Shaper happen. Your choice in Fenmore's Living Lore vote, "A Knife in the Dark," sent WaystoneDandelion off in search of the proper cast to bring that vision to life. Along the way he found Ronan, a gunslinger with a singular sense of justice. We were then able to integrate him into The Dawngate Chronicles seamlessly, timing the introduction across both the game and the story.

Lead Shaper Designer Dan Gibson reflects on how the team brought him to life:

Ronan is a wonderful mix of simple abilities with staggering skillcaps and beautiful character design. I've been really excited about Ronan since we originally kicked off concept - even the very first sketches we got back were causing a big swell of excitement from the team around the character. I worked straight off the concept for this one: incorporating a character's bits and bobs is generally a fun and effective way to design kits and Ronan really exemplified it. Mixing a fun concept with a focused kit, particularly one that lends itself to high-level mechanical play, made Ronan's core kit solidify almost immediately and simply get refined throughout his development. As with any high skill cap character, I'm most excited for seeing how well the community can play him - get out there and put some holes in fools!

Ronan is a big milestone for Waystone as he ties together literally every aspect of Dawngate's development. This isn't easy, and no other game is doing it like this ... thanks for helping us to beta this feature to get here!

Community Beta is winding down ...

In April, we announced the end of our Closed Beta and the start of our Community Beta. We created that name to send the message that Dawngate was ready for more people, even if it wasn't ready for primetime yet. That's how we designed Waystone: to build the game directly with its players.

Together, we've accomplished a ton since starting Community Beta:
  • We brought the game to PAX East and Gamescom, making a ton of new friends and powering up the community
  • We launched the Dawngate Chronicles, an interactive web comic driven by the players
  • We've played with the Chronicle's interactive narrative to drive new content back into the game
  • We built a basic tutorial and bots to help MOBA players who are new to Dawngate learn the ropes
  • We brought EU Alpha servers online to better serve our beta friends across the Atlantic
  • We held a competitive balance initiative and an influencer summit to feedback directly into development
  • We introduced Shoutcasting Mode to support the player-driven tournaments that are popping up
... so what's coming next?

We're going to start to transition toward the next logical phase of Dawngate's beta. Driven by the enthusiasm we've seen from you guys around casting mode and community run tournaments, we're prioritizing features and activities focused on competitive gameplay as we move into the fall.

To help with this, we've partnered with our friends at ESL to help host our first Beta Tournament series. We're calling it "The Race to the Gate" and we'll be releasing the details very soon. This beta series will include some nice cash prizes, and as always, we're doing it Waystone-style so you know it's gonna tie into the lore. We expect to learn a lot with these events, and we need you to help us make them awesome. It's time to beta test tournaments!

Yes, this also means we're actively working on the mythical "progression" patch to gameplay. These improvements to gameplay are focused on making Dawngate more fun and strategic at a competitive level, and many of them come directly from Dawngate players who play MOBAs at a high level. We're confident that these changes are focused on making Dawngate feel more unique and more importantly, more fun. We'll start dropping some of them in on the regular patch cadence, but you can also expect a large drop later this year. The first of these is a large change to Parasite: killing it only spawns Striders at its third evolution. We expect you'll see some shake-ups in the early- and mid-game as a result, with teamfights breaking out during laning more often. Sound off and let us know.

It also means that we're focusing development on Ranked gameplay for Dawngate. We hear you, we get it, we're working on it, and as always you can expect a couple of unique Dawngate twists to how the feature works. The first of those was revealed recently by Gasty when he asked for input on how picks and bans will work. Sound off if you haven't already.


Sales have come to Dawngate! You guys have been asking for this for months ... here ya go. Check out CourtJester's post with the details.

Thanks for reading. Come join us in the official Forums and sound off on Reddit. Let us know your thoughts on everything.

As always and on behalf of everyone at Waystone, thanks for playing our game.

See you in the Dawngate,

Dave 'paradoxiq' Cerra
Lead Producer, Waystone Games

Waystone Games released their video on Ronan today. It includes The Nine skin that was hinted at yesterday AND a Fenmore skin that you can spot in the gameplay!

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