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Our partners at Dawncentral released a skin spotlight for Necropolis Petrus:

Be sure to follow their twitter at - - for more Dawngate videos!

On the Friday art stream, Gishado showed off a new skin concept for Cerulean! As you can see, this skin is fairly close to being done, and is expected in the coming weeks after the VFX, animation and such are complete.

Here is the model in Zbrush, next to the original Cerulean model and the spear that the skin will use.

The concept art. The wing will come out of Cerulean's back as he flies out to ult your face!

Necropolis Petrus can be purchased for 585 Waypoints in the Collection
**Remember this is a LIMITED TIME skin, available until November 17th.**

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

This patch brings you Lillin, The Old Guard!

As always, Lead Shaper Designer Dan Gibson is here to share some thoughts on bringing her to life:

Since Lillin's very first concept I've wanted her to melt faces. She looked like a being of such potential energy that the only place she would be at home is as one of the most damaging Shapers in all of Dawngate, particularly against those pesky Tanks and Bruisers. Her almost serene animations combined with really impressive effects make Lillin one of the most stand-out characters visually to me. When you combine great visuals and an awesomely powerful character, you make something really satisfying to play. Get out there, play Lillin, and show those Bruiser's who's boss.

You heard the man ... start bursting people down, and as always, let us know what's working for you and what's not.

Last patch, I told you it was coming soon. This patch, I'm telling you that it's almost here: Competitive Beta arrives with the next patch!

I'm not spilling the beans yet, but in addition to Ranked we've got some exciting announcements that we know you're going to love. Stay tuned ... we'll share more info before the patch drops!

Three short weeks ago, we announced that we're moving toward "Competitive Beta" later this fall, Dawngate's next Beta phase. Since then, you guys have jumped into the competitive scene bigtime. S1cknote almost immediately announced their next tournament. Many excellent teams have sprung up. And last weekend, we held our first official beta tournament, The Race to the Gate Northern Qualifiers. Seeing this happen so fast is very validating. On that note, congrats to the winners "Band of Baddies!" All of the teams delivered, and those final games were incredible.

Moving forward, we’re happy to announce that the community tournaments run by S1cknote, and Dignitas will act as qualifiers for the Race to the Gate events.

And we also heard you: demand was too strong and there weren't enough slots for the Northern Qualifier, so we're doubling November's Race to the Gate to include 16 teams!

Its super cool to figure out how to work directly with you guys to directly influence official events and contributing to their early success.

In what's become an annual tradition for Waystone, we're hosting a 24 hour stream to raise money for Extralife in support of the Children's Miracle Network of hospitals this weekend, October 25th! And as always, we're giving away some cool stuff: an exclusive Profile Icon, an exclusive Ward Skin, and a Shaper Skin.

Please help us to contribute to a truly great effort and come join us!

Guys, we're having a ton of fun making this game with you. This Beta has more than proven one of the main reasons we founded Waystone: developing with players makes a better game. It's been an incredible ride, and we are all very thankful to have built something that excites so many people. So thanks!

And thanks for reading this note. Come join the conversation on the community's Reddit. Let us know your thoughts on All The Things (tm).

See you in the Dawngate,

Dave 'paradoxiq' Cerra

Lead Producer, Waystone Games

Tuesday starts off with a sale celebrating Band of Baddies as the winners of Race to the Gate, Northern Qualifier!

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Hello all,

In honor of B.o.B's victory is this last weekend's Race to the Gate, Northern Qualifier, we are having a special skin sale in The Collection. The sale includes the skins used by B.o.B in the second, and determining game of the final match. Flin & Sgt. Mandrake were included as an added bonus to pay tribute to Arbaris' Flin play in the final game. Way to go Bug Lord!

Forest Dreams Dibs: was 585, now 440

Warlord Ashabel: was 585, now 440

Ussuri Warrior Voluc: was 785, now 590

Courageous Heart Mikella: was 785, now 590

Flin and Sgt. Mandrake: was 785, now 590

These are all discounted at 25%

Thank you for tuning in to the Race to the Gate, Northern Qualifier this weekend, enjoy The Victor's Spoils, and see you in The Dawngate!

Along with the new patch, the map effects for the Dawngate are super spooky. Some screenshots from the reveal stream on Waystones channel were posted yesterday, but here is some high-rez shots taken today!

"F.L" apparently stands for "Flock Lord" - the old map boss before Parasite was a thing!

Goats were apparently used to test map v2 before it came out. One of them was an Uncle, and died. RIP.

1st Place: Agility & Precision: An Extensive Guide to Gunslinging by MrXLink
2nd Place: Ronan, the 100% crit Demon-kin... by Vakyoom
3rd Place: The Desperotter! by AlucardVanguard

1st: An item from the collection worth up to 885 Waypoints
2nd: An item from the collection worth up to 585 Waypoints
3rd: An item from the collection worth up to 485 Waypoints

A couple quick tips:
Make sure your guide has no incomplete sections or macro errors. When judging extremely close guides, this can make or break your guide.
Creative use of the custom guides section can really set your guide apart.
Images! Videos! Use clips and screenshots to enhance your guide.
Do not make multiple accounts for the purposes of voting on guides multiple times.

The winners should receive instructions via private message in order to collect their prizes shortly. Once again, thanks for all the participants in this month's guide contest!

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