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HOW TO: Competitive Survivor(Updated Build)
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > Q > W > E
+4% Lifedrain
+1.8 Mastery
+10 Armor
+6 Haste
+2 Power
Freia thrives in the jungle more than she does in lane, just because she is melee and melee shapers usually have a worse laning phase than ranged. This is because ranged can poke more freely and gain vim-advantage over said melee shaper.

Your role in teamfights should be to either initate with a 4-man fear or if you have another initiator in your team then you should try to find their carries alone and isolate/remove them from the fight with your HUGE 1v1 potential.

The item-path I will recommend is a path that works in low and in high MMR-tiers where as you are tanky enough to live in the fights but at the same time able to deal ridiculous amounts of damage.

PS! Look below for the "Jungle" section for routes and such.

If you wanna see the build in action feel free to check out my stream at:
+4% Lifedrain
+1.8 Mastery
+10 Armor
+6 Haste
+2 Power
A fairly standard jungle loadout but with a twist. I like to run 1,8% (read 2) mastery which equals to 2% critchance and 1% overload damage on your spells. The 2% crit-chance is really small but can be helpful in the early clear and/or in early skirmishes. it's only about 2 power you're sacrificing so I think it's worth for those times where you just get a lucky crit.
Vanquish, Blitz & Blink
This is my standard spell order, just because of the utility and mobility it provides, Blitz is used to run fast and ignore CC to get to their carry, and Blink is for getting out. At least that's the easy way to put it. Blitz also provides good sticking power because it has a movement speed increase.

PS. This applies for all spell orders, never ever sell your Vanquish, you need it for parasite control and sometimes even killing striders.
Vanquish, Blitz & Wither
I only go this rarely, an example of when is if they have a 16-0 Vex who I need to take care of.
Example Build
This is how my end game build usually looks like.
Starting Items
This is the standard start for most, if not all junglers since the Hunger nerf. (Which by now is quite some time ago.)
First Back/Early Core
It's really easy to get the Desire on your first back since the cost was lowered to 1200 recently.

Try to grab a Will and/or a Time if you can.
Mid Core
Moving on to the mid core where we're trying to upgrade Resilience into Discipline and Desire into Ambition. Try to grab up at least one  of Abolition or Freedom, if you can get both then that's simply awesome!

All of these items grant haste which is great on Freia and Discipline is great for ganking/dueling and Ambition is just a great item on most physical damage dealers. When you have Ambition you'll only use to dash to camps and fury to get some damage, and rest just autoattacks because at this point keep your fury at max is almost necessary to be able to counter-gank efficiently as you want to be able to re-cast your and sometimes your / depending on the situation.
Full Core
So now you want to finish you advanced items into legendary ones. Freia gets a massive DPS increase after you get Ruin so I recommend getting it after Ambition, it's also good for doing solo parasite. Then you can go for either one of the other more tanky options depending on the situation. If they got lots of CC then go for a Stability and if you're diving hard and/or their team is lacking a Pain. If none of the following situations occur then I'd recommend grabbing a Discipline item.

To decide what you're gonna upgrade Discipline into is a relatively complicated question that I'll try to make easier to answer. Think of who you're going to dive and what kind of damage you'll encounter throughout the fight. If you're gonna dive heavy for a Varion who doesn't have much magical damage on his tactician you oughta get Equilibrium and for example if their Zalgus is fed or if they have 2 or more heavy magical damage sources I get Subjugation.

9 out of 10 times I go for Subjugation since it's more common to have a mixture magical and physical damage in a team.

Last Items

  • Betrayal: A really solid magic resist choice, and since you're gonna be attacking often the extra 40 damage per auto can be pretty significant.

  • Valor: Works great with Rebirth especially when you drop below 30% HP.

  • Momentum: Pretty good against Zalgus and other shapers/team compositions that only have 1 or 2 forms of hard CC.

  • Justice: At first it looks kind of derp but it's totally legit, almost. Only go this if you're really ahead or need damage as soon as possible.

  • Equilibrium: You wanna get this when you're not getting Subjugation.

  • Judgement: Since the nerfs on Rage this is the goto item for penetration on physical damage dealing shapers.

Skill Order
R > Q > W > E

R priority max is a given, Q is your main damage spell, and the reason I take W > E is because E doesn't provide any longer stun duration when you level it up, essentially making is as good on level 1 as on level 5. And a 3 second cooldown on a dash is always appreciated.  :)
While clearing you want to use fury on
When chasing
When locking down
it's pretty straight forward.

When clearing the jungle keep in mind to maintain stacks whilst traveling between camps, so sometimes it's worth to save so you can keep your 6 stacks.
Your main damage source, the first Q makes the target bleed, and the second part takes all the DoT damage and puts it to instant plus some extra damage. A great spell if you're able to fury it.
Great for ganking and escaping, not so much for clearing. Gives a chunk of movement when recasted, So if you wanna escape dash to something twice, because the second dash is pretty much instant.
Your single target CC, typically you wanna do this after you've feared them and hit them a few times, try to get 100 fury before fights so you can both fury E and Q.
A truly interesting and slightly broken spell, imagine if it was stun/snare instead of fear. The fear component makes it so they can run away from you so you lose some of the time where they're spent defenseless. But can be great aswell if they run towards you and your team.

Typically you wanna , into , 1-2 autos, , , to catch up if they run and, to stun or to finish off with 400 damage depending on their hp.
Jungle Routes

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great build really a helped a noobl like me learn to jungle :x
Good shit (:
Very detailed/easy guide to follow. Love it.
Thanks for the kind comments guys! Would also love if you'd give me some feedback on things that were good contra bad! :) //mantisArtheus
I love the attention to detail and the bonus video guides at the end. Keep up the great work!
Very detailed guide GJ Man!
Really nice guide, especially for soloqueue when everyone wants to play a mage or ADC; will be even better once it has jungle routes. What'd be really great is a brief rundown of different jungle matchups and how to handle them as Freia.
Since there's apparently no way to edit a comment, here's a question I forgot to ask: What little jungling I've done as been on Moya and I've grown to really love retribution on her, Freia doesn't have Moya's resets but she's still a fast autoattacker, what you think of replacing the glory with retribution?
Thanks for the positive response! I Haven't thought so much about retribution but i couldn't see why not :)
great guide , good job artheus! :D
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