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Mage Mina, The Tyrant Sadist
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > Q > E > W
+12.3 Defense Penetration
+11.6 Armor
Best Choice.

Tactician is going to be the best role for you to take, hands down. Vim income should be stable and constant with Spite and Siphon Soul. Mina has plenty of range on her more offensive spells, and is capable of poking beyond the range of auto-attacks. Using your skills in tandem will eliminate a large need for auto-attacks, at the expense of the bonus damage from Spite. Early game Mina will have to trade out range or damage, by mid-game she will have both.

The role also helps promote the mindset you're going to need for heading into this play-style. Mina is fully capable of crippling an enemy team, but does so through constant and sustained harass. You can't burst as hard as some mages, but you will have some of the most devastating poke. Use it, abuse it, and make the enemy bleed.

Bleeding out your enemies is key, and Tactician is just the role to reward you the most for that. Simple and straight to the point.
Extremely risky.

Predator is a niche pick for an already niche play-style. It can work, but you will have to deal with several issues. Your vim income will no longer be stable, and instead comes in large irregular spikes. Falling behind with an offensive build means your poke will be severely handicapped.

Much better if you coordinate using voice coms with someone you know to set up dangerous kill lanes, or having a jungler camp the hell out of your lane. It only takes a couple early kills to catapult a Predator Mina ahead to a vicious level of damage, but not getting those kills will put her massively behind. We're playing Mage Mina here, not Carried Mina.

If you can make it to late game after falling behind, the shield from Key to the Heart and area damage from Sever Ties should get you enough assists to make you noticeable, but far from a true threat.
Not recommended.

It is doable, but carries even more downsides than Predator. Mina's auto-attack isn't very quick. She shares the lowest Power to Attack Damage ratio category, gaining only .2 damage per 1 power. She has no reliable area damage aside from Key to the Heart, which has a sizable cooldown and is her only initiation and defensive tool.

Enemies will be able to heavily punish you by shoving the lane under turret. Mina's low damage and abysmal attack damage ratio make last hitting difficult. No area damage makes it extremely hard to push back and keep the lane even. You'll need your Tactician to help keep the lane in place, which pulls them away from their role as poke and zone support.

If the enemy leaves you alone to farm, you can head towards your core damage items much faster. Your vim income will be higher than Tactician and more stable than Predator. That is a massive 'if' up there. You will be easy to punish.

I personally find Gladiator Mina to be extremely fatiguing. Low damage makes last hitting very difficult, and ignoring poke is the whole reason you want to build damage on Mina. If you want to practice last hitting in a bot game, this'll be a way to train. A very painful way to train. That or you're extremely masochistic.
Do not use.

Mina will starve to death. Even being dead and a doll, she'll find a way to starve to death. Hunter carries all of the downsides of Gladiator and more without any of the benefits. On top of all the problems Mina had before, now you have to factor in an extremely slow clear speed. Your vim income will be virtually non-existent.

You'll get bullied out of the jungle by just about anyone else if they so much as look vaguely in your direction. Mina's only area damage skill, Key to the Heart, won't even function. It requires an ally to cast on first, meaning she has extremely poor clear and no mitigation aside from Siphon Soul. She can't even get a Spite proc on the 'boss' camps.

While Key to the Heart would be a fantastic gank tool, you're simply better off going Tactician and roaming from your lane or, if you must, taking Predator and rolling double-jungle.

I can't even recommend this to the masochists. Too many drawbacks for too little gains.
+12.3 Defense Penetration
+11.6 Armor
Simple loadout that prioritizes only two stats.

Armor is always useful at any point in the game. Auto-attacks always deal physical damage, so even the most mage heavy lane will have physical damage being thrown down. Minions don't do much damage on their own, but can add up to a sizable amount if fighting near a wave of them. Armor helps to mitigate this damage and keep you up, but you should beware your low health pool.

Penetration is what lets Mina hammer out her damage. Her low base damage and scaling on Spite make penetration your most valuable loadout choice, power and mastery just don't give as much raw offensive weight. With this you'll be bringing down an enemies base magic resist to ~21. With Decay, that drops even further to a measly 11. Once you buy Aggression, you're effectively doing true damage to anyone without extra resistance.

Sadly this is the only loadout I can recommend. Power and Mastery can't compare, and going defensive will cripple your damage output. Without penetration it's an uphill battle to deal enough damage to stay relevant, though it is doable. Difficult, but possible.
Drain, Stasis & Tailwind
Drain: A must have for the early game. Extra damage and it heals for 90% of the damage it inflicts. The added damage can make or break a very early kill, which is doubly important when running Predator. Great spell all around, can keep you topped off to stay in lane or more damage for going all-in.

Stasis: Great defensive spell. Complete invulnerability for two seconds. You can't do anything, but your cooldowns will continue to cycle. Sometimes, those two seconds are all that stand between a broken doll and a laughing tyrant. Mid-game Murderdoll will be pretty squishy, so Stasis will let you dive with Key to the Heart and reduce the risk of dying.

Tailwind is a fantastic option for the late game. The team-wide speed boost will give you the edge in positioning, either following up on a successful fight or allowing the team a safer disengage. This is my all-purpose level twenty pickup, with Wither being my specific-target spell when one person on the enemy team is carrying.

Wither: Movement speed reduction helps you and your allies stick to a target, attack speed reduction cripples ad carries, along with the damage reduction which is just good against everything. Wither is great at shutting down one person and crippling their ability to do damage for a short time. Great for kitting and great for messing with AD carries.
Wither, Tailwind & Deflect
A more team oriented spell loadout. Don't be afraid to start Drain if you feel like the lane needs some damage and swap it out later for Wither once the team has scaled up more.

Tailwind and Deflect are there to help turn the tide of a fight back to your team. Speed to chase (or disengage) and shielding to take some poke or mitigate the incoming burst in a brawl.
Pardon the pun, but this item is the absolute core of the Murderdoll build. Start Power and three Vitality Potions. Rush this item. Decay alone will give you a huge damage spike. 30 Power and 10 Penetration for the Spite and Siphon Soul hits. On top of that, you have the 6% maximum HP burn. Unless you know your lane mate, avoid taking minions to fill up Soul Collector. If you're around, Spirit Well workers count, and you can peg a few before the well changes hands.

On top of the stats, Decay has a beautiful synergy with Spite. The burn will cause Spite to proc on itself, giving a second free hit of damage. Early on, Decay will cause a lot of pain to anyone you can land Spite on. Keep hammering them and let the vim flow. Getting this before ~10 minutes will give you the largest damage spike, that's your window of opportunity.
Mid-Game Core
These three items will make up complete core of your damage. Destruction and Decay will have Mina dealing true damage to any shaper without a heavy magic resist build. Even with a single defensive item like Betrayal or Stability, you will still be shearing through most of their defenses. If they haven't gotten much in the way of defense going, sit on your Aggression and start building another item. You can't penetrate an enemy below zero resistance, so the 37 penetration your build will have by now is good enough.

Growth is a bit of an ugly duckling right there. I've included it as a backup for anyone new and a fallback for when the lane is going really bad for me. Growth is a great item, just not worth grabbing over Aggression if the lane is going heavily in your favor. Mage Mina capitalizes on early advantages, and you want to push that to the upmost limit. It's great to pick up at the end of lane phase, or if you're taking too much poke to warrant full-on aggression.

If your lane mate can't help but eat waterballs and laser beams, a Purity might help relieve a little bit of the pressure, but it will set back your own damage spikes. If it's just a crush, skip the defense and rush your offensive choices to crank your advantage as high as it can go.

Below are a collection of items to fill up the rest of your item slots. Going pure offense makes you a frail glass cannon, and pure defense will cripple your damage potential. Picking the right items is important to both survival and murder, so always consider your choices. The items below are suggestions, and not what a final build should look like.
Late-Game Offensive Items
Pack the most punch that a possessed doll can give. Pick and chose what you need based on the enemy team, and by how well you're going through the game. Decay and one penetration item are a must, the rest of your build can be filled out as needed. Do not go full aggression unless you are confidant that the enemy team will never ever focus you (hint: this never happens).


Destruction is the way you want to go. Adding in the flat penetration of Decay and your loadout gives a staggering 52 defense penetration. Even with a defensive item, you will shear off almost all of their magic resistance. Since you can't penetrate an enemy below 0 resistance, it's safe to sit on Aggression and start working towards something else until the enemy starts to build some defense. With just the Aggression, you'll be sitting at a comfortable 37 penetration. More than enough to rip off a Shaper's starting level of resistance.

Rage has to work an uphill battle to get to a decent point. No flat resistance means you can never fully strip off even the starting level of magic resist, and less raw power brings your damage down even lower. It honestly doesn't feel worth it unless the enemy is stacking heavy magic resist. You have a total of 40 flat penetration with Decay and Destruction, so they need a lot of resist to justify Rage.

Judgement just can't compete. Mina can't throw enough spells downwind fast enough to build and keep the stacks going, and her primarily single-target damage prevents her from debuffing a majority of the team. Since the build revolves around poke, having passive penetration just benefits Mina more.


Divinity is a fantastic item. Prodigy and it's passive mastery on the item alone bring up your ability damage by 17.5% 50 raw power isn't anything to sneeze at, either. If the enemy team hasn't built up much resistance by the time you finish Aggression, this is the place you want to go for more raw damage.

Wisdom shouldn't be rushed. You're going to want some baseline power before Enlightenment to get the most out of the boost. Work on completing it quickly once you start, an early Command isn't worth as much as Aggression or Force.

Justice is the other stat-amp item from the Command tree. Gives a few percent boosts that are better if you have a decent chunk of mastery. I don't particularly enjoy it because my playstyle is more for throwing Spite down the lane for poke, and the buff Justice provides doesn't count towards the spell that triggered it. Much better if you're just going all-in on a kill and unloading your full burst, or getting close to open with Siphon Soul.

Potency is a great item to pick up later on in the game. Mastery gives some more damage to your spells, and the haste brings some very welcome cooldown reduction. Combined with Decay, Mina's poke will bring a lot of percent max-health damage on top of the great damage. Great third or fourth item, especially if the enemy team is health stacking. Doesn't bring enough of a punch to rush, but it has a great place later on in the game.

Hybrid-Offensive Items:

Oppression is a good hybrid for resisting magic damage, but the item gets a little difficult to work with when playing Mina. If you can get it fully stacked on a single target, Oppression gives 50 magic resist while draining 30 from the enemy. Problem being, no one is going to let you auto them five times without hammering you for it. You can continue to poke with Spite, but the spell out-ranges the drain aura, so it's not helping your poke outside the raw 40 power. I prefer Valor, but the amount of penetration you can get from Oppression is insane.

It'll find use if the teams are just zerging each other. Can also apply the aura if you use Key to the Heart to jump into someone, but doing so will break the synergy from Decay and Spite.
Late-Game Defensive Items
Picking the right defensive item is the key to not being a broken down heap on the battlefield. Everything has it's place and time. Always consider the enemy team, who's getting fed and who isn't, and where the game's going.

Personally, I feel like resistances or regen are worth a little more for Mina than flat health. Using Spite's maximum range should keep you safe from most counter-poke, and Key to the Heart reduces all raw damage Mina would take from her host by 60%. Building no health puts you in glass cannon territory. Mina is extremely mobile, but one good catch will kill you at that point. Grab at least one or two defensive items to stay healthy.


Rebirth is a great item to build from Growth if you're still sitting on it. Ashborn can kept you alive during some focus, and Mina can get away with a huge chunk of the regen by using Key to the Heart to mitigate the incoming damage. The hp/5 is good for dealing with counter-poke, and the haste provides more movement speed and cooldown reduction for hammering the enemy team. Great defensive item all-around.

Vigor can be good for mitigating the worst of a burst lane, where the regen of Growth simply won't amount to anything if you can't survive the incoming damage hit. Defiance also gives Mina a surprising amount of burst, since its passive Cornered Beast resets her non-ult skills. Even if you can't fully burst a target down, having Key to the Heart instantly cycle can give you the exit you'll need to survive.


Adamance and Preservation interact in strange ways with Mina. Adamance will proc and build stacks even if Mina is using Key to the Heart, because she can still take physical damage. Preservation won't lose stacks as long as Mina is inside a Shaper, but Mina doesn't get the 15% reduced damage when her host is auto'd. Hiding inside someone with Preservation is a great way to hold on to all the stacks of Ablative Armor. Adamance can continue to build procs, and Mina is free to jump into the enemy team and trick someone into proc'ing Lockdown on their allies by mistake. Pick your favorite and take it. Crabs are cute, so I go with Adamance.

Equilibrium is a fantastic anti-carry item. Huge chunk of armor for yourself, and dealing damage reduces the target's power by 10 and attack speed by 30%. The carry should either be the focus of your burst, or pegged with Siphon Soul to hamper their damage while your team can mop up. A little Haste is always good to have. Just don't try and auto your Oppression to maximum value.


Subjugation is great all around. Armor, magic resist, and haste for stats. Power Lock drops anything hit's power by 10 and damage output by 10%. Puts a bit of a damper on anyone, and a good Sever Ties can cripple an enemy team's output while significantly boosting your own.

Resolve, and later Hope, are good all-round items for a balanced enemy team. The bonus effect can give you enough resistance to survive until Key to the Heart comes back around to escape with, or time for Spite to come back for a surprise kill. Combined with Rebirth, you can become frustratingly difficult to kill.

Magic Resistance:

Stability provides a good smattering of stats. Health, resist, and haste keep you on your toes and dealing damage. Swift Recovery coupled with Master/Servant can make Mina hard to pin down without layering control effects (meaning those aren't being used on your other carries).

Momentum is also great for having Unshakable to prevent the first disable used on you. Avoiding a stun-lock can give you the time to escape or Key to the Heart for a better position to dive a target. No health and slightly less magic resistance makes you squisher, but the extra power on Momentum will give your damage a small bump.

Valor is fantastic defensive item, since it gives both a chunk of magic resist and a small, automatic shield when your health drops too low. On top of that, the item grants a flat 40 power and up to an additional 40 more as your health gets lower. Don't forget that increase, it can give your damage a large enough spike to kill an enemy before they can finish you off.

The magic shield from Faith is also great at mitigating some magical burst, and comes with a little health to help out. Purely defensive, so your poke will be a little lower.
Utility Items
Items that don't really fit into a specific spot, but are still useful in certain situations.

Chaos is a great team-utility item for a very mage-heavy team composition. The item proc itself does not benefit your poke, since the Spite that applied Chain Lightning does not benefit from the debuff. However, it will increase your all-in potential from follow-up spells, and will increase the poke from the rest of your mages. Potency is a better selfish item, since it will benefit single-shot poke, but provides no team utility.

Hostility is another aggressive utility item for your team. The Mastery benefits everyone, since it provides overload for spells and crit for auto-attacks, and power is all-around good. Picking this up over an item like Divinity will lower your overall damage while propping up your allies. Don't think about it until at least the mid-game, you need to abuse Mina's early game power while you can to get yourself ahead.

Also, Hostility will not benefit your spells while backpacking with Key to the Heart, but the aura will still apply to your host and nearby allies.

Pain is a niche item that becomes extremely powerful based on your enemies' team comp. Enemies that rely on healing like Viyana and Voluc, or shielding like Renzo and Dibs will have their power drastically cut by the Mortal Strike. This will not stack with the effect from your Drain, but that only hits a single target. A well-placed Sever Ties will cripple the enemy team's ability to heal early in the fight by having a Pain.

Harmony on the surface provides no direct combat stats, aside from a little haste. However, it functions similar to Hostility in that your damage benefits your allies, giving them a power bonus for a couple seconds. In return, damage they inflict will lower the cooldowns of your own abilities, allowing you to pump out more abilities. Overall it will increase your teams sustained output while lowing your own poke potential.

None of these items are must buys, but each can shine in their own specific niche. Don't forget them when the time comes, but at the same time don't consider them a basic replacement unless you're transitioning into a more team-oriented support build.
Skill Order
Basic skill order: > > >

  • Sever Ties is Mina's only real form of AoE damage, and carries a nasty secondary effect for all shapers hit. As her ult, this is the first priority spell.

  • Spite is your bread and butter, and synergizes the most with your items. It also has the lowest cooldown when fully maxed. Spite has priority over everything except Sever Ties

  • Siphon Soul comes next for the same reason. It's cooldown gets lower with level, and the damage goes up with each level. The damage mitigation only scales to power, not ability level, so it's fine being left at one point until Spite is maxed.

  • Key to the Heart is last. Nothing about this scales well enough or at all to out-weight her other skills. The cooldown is the same at all ranks, the fear is always 0.75 seconds, and Mina always takes 40% damage. Leveling it only increases the shielding and exit damage, which loses at all ranks to Siphon Soul.

Pure Shaper is what will make laners hate you. There is nothing to hold Mina back from throwing Spite down the lane over and over for all eternity.

Master/Servant is highly underrated. The first ally Shaper that stands close to Mina after three seconds gains 25 movespeed. The bonus is likewise conferred to Mina, but why bother walking back to lane when you can hitch a ride on one of the dogs.

25 movement speed right at the beginning of the game is enough to out-maneuver almost any other Shaper. Add in Key to the Heart and Mina can become very hard to pin down during the lane phase. Allies near Mina should try to stay close, Master/Servant will break if they are split too much and have to re-connect over three more seconds to regain the benefits of Mina's passive.

You can manipulate who gets Master/Servant by walking out of range to reset Mina's passive and then walking towards the new Shaper you want to bind with. Ping allies if they start to outpace you and then use Key to the Heart and ride along so neither of you lose Master/Servant.
Spite is the bread and butter of this build. Early game Mina has to attack or cast Siphon Soul to proc the second part of Spite, so beware any counter poke. Forgoing the second hit of Spite and just staggering the casts with Siphon Soul will give a constant from of vim from your [role]Tactician[/rol] proc, at the cost of lower damage.

After Decay, Spite will proc itself. This gives your Q a second hit of damage, turns it into an automatic slow, and continues to burn off 6% of the target's maximum health. Constantly throw Spite to zone and poke Shapers down. No one expects the damage increase Mina gains by just getting Decay, so abuse the early game before they can learn.

Always keep in mind that using Key to the Heart will break the synergy that Spite and Decay have. If Mina is inside another Shaper, the buff from Spite will go to them, not Mina, so the burn won't automatically proc the second part of Spite.
Key to the Heart is one of the strongest abilities in Dawngate. While chilling inside another Shaper's heart, Mina enjoys a hefty 60% damage mitigation and is able to fear anything around her impact zone when she bails out.

The cast radius for entering and leaving a Shaper is large enough that Mina can hop over walls and geometry to escape or chase down targets, or fear-bomb the middle of an enemy team to break their positioning.

Whatever poor soul is host to Mina also gains a regenerating shield for as long as Mina remains within the Shaper. Additionally, Mina's abilities transfer their benefits to her host.

  • Spite grants a buff to Mina's host if the shot deals damage. For the next few seconds, if Mina's host attacks an enemy Shaper, the attack deals bonus damage. If the host is carry, mage, or assassin, their attack deals heavy bonus damage. If the host is bruiser, tank, or support, the hit does less but slows.

  • Siphon Soul grants the damage reduction to Mina's host. Always use Key to the Heart and Siphon Soul to give whoever is tanking Parasite some more durability. You can use it for a carry in a fight, or jump into a tank and make them that much harder to kill.

Casting from a host will cause the host to gain aggro from a binding if you are too close. This can deal significant damage to your host, who probably wasn't expecting the binding to 'randomly' change targets. Cast from a host with care when sieging a binding.

You can also hitch a ride. Follow Dibs on his ult for a double-gank or hijack an ally going back to base for a free ride. Once you connect, Mina is attached to her host until she leaves or they die.

Don't forget that Key to the Heart shields Mina on exiting a Shaper. If you get caught by a damage-over-time effect, targeted by a binding, or similar, you can always jump into an allied Shaper and then jump back out to get a quick shield.
Siphon Soul has a few problems being weaker than Spite, but serves its niche well. Before Decay, Siphon Soul is your best way to proc the bonus damage and slow from Spite. Spells don't aggravate minions like auto-attacks do, so you can avoid pulling unwanted attention by using a Q -> E combo. Hold on to Siphon Soul, the buff from Spite doesn't apply until after the return animation finishes playing.

You can opt to stagger the casts to proc Tactician easier, but that involves either giving up the bonus damage of Spite or getting into auto-attack range.

Later on in the game, Siphon Soul is great for spreading debuffs like the Decay burn or Subjugation Power Lock to a secondary target. Combining with Key to the Heart can make your front line that much harder to break, or pop into a carry to give them that little edge in a fight. You can save it for yourself when going deep to mitigate some damage as well.

Remember that target is irrelevant to the Siphon Soul buff. You can hit their tank, a carry, or even a minion if that's all you have in range. Hitting anything grants you or your host the buff, which will affect all incoming damage.
Finally, Mina's ultimate ability. Sever Ties can horribly warp fights into your favor at the drop of the hat. At it's most basic level, Sever Ties provides 10% bonus damage against any Shaper hit.

The further into the game, the more destructive Sever Ties becomes. Scaling percent-damage amplification. The burn from Decay. The damage reduction from Equilibrium or Subjugation. Mortal Strike effect from Pain. All applied to anything caught under the doom circle.

In picks, Mina can destroy a target by jumping from her host using Key to the Heart and fearing the dog right into Sever Ties. Amplified Spite and Siphon Soul with her items will lead to an either dead or dying target. In team fights, aim for as many Shapers as you can hit to give your team the biggest edge. Mina has great poke and burst with Sever Ties, but struggles with keeping her damaged sustained. Unless she's riding the edge with Defiance, in which case beware the Spite machine-gun.
Why play Mage Mina?

Playing as Mage Mina is going to require a slight change up in how you view the game. Mina functions similar to a Sustain Mage like Ashabel, however the brunt of her damage will not be able to come out quite as fast. As such, I like to refer to her as a Poke Mage. Your job is to land Spite on the backline and bleed them out, or snipe an out of position Shaper for the slow. Unlike other Sustain Mages, Mina has a respectable amount of burst. However...

Mina doesn't function well as a Burst Mage. It is very rare that she'll be able to 100-0 someone before the very late game, but she does have the ability to all-in from a surprising amount of health. That window increases as you collect more items, so knowing the limits of your growing burst is key. It will take a few games to gauge, so don't get down if you miss lethal the first few times.

So why pick Mina as a Mage? For the versatility her kit and playstyle bring. Even playing as pure Mage, Mina still brings a huge amount of utility to a team with her kit. On top of that, you have the ability to swap what style you need on the fly during fights. Her poke isn't as frequent as a true Sustain Mage, but she can switch to Burst on a dime. She can't burst as hard as a true Burst Mage, but has far better poke.

So in short, playing Mina as a Mage gives you a little bit of everything to work with. A little bit of team utility, a little bit of poke, a little bit of burst. It's up to you to apply what is needed for the situation you find yourself in. She doesn't excel at any one thing, but brings a lot more to the table.

Lane Phase:

Early game is crucial to Mina, because this build and playstyle capitalize on stacking your advantages. Constantly be throwing Spite down the lane and pegging them with Siphon Soul. Stagger the casts to take advantage of Tactician vim gain. Use auto-attacks to proc Spite unless a fight is going down and you need the damage and mitigation from Siphon Soul now.

You will want your Decay before the ten-minute mark, which is why I advised above to rush the item. It combines Mina's fantastic range on Spite with the ability to do heavy damage. It also causes Spite to proc on itself, which means your damage went up even more while leaving you safely away from the enemy auto-attack range. From here you do what Mina was meant to do for the rest of the game: poke. Hammer the enemy team non-stop, and you will either bleed them out so much they have to leave or risk getting nailed by your burst.

Keep in mind that while Mina can not sustain a high amount of damage, Mina can output almost perpetual damage between her abilities and Decay. While the damage from the burn will not be especially high, it will prevent passives like Warden or Outrider from reapplying. Proper timing with your abilities will go a long way to negating these passives.

Mid Game:

This is your time to shine. Mina's poke becomes more severe with a couple items from the penetration you'll have by now, and her burst potential is steadily climbing as well. Aim for their backline with Spite, but hitting anyone will be a benefit to your team. The burn damage and slow never go to waste. You can siege and counter-siege with the best of them, and Key to the Heart allows you easy dive onto their carries once the fight starts.

You will more than likely be very fragile at this state of the game, so I highly recommend Stasis to prolong your life once a fight starts. You need to be in their backline to pop a carry, but you also need to not die. Bursting someone down and then going with the two seconds of invulnerability can swing the fight in your favor and allow you to move away and throw more poke down the lane.

You can also run some gank squad action with your jungler if one of your gladiators is split-pushing or freezing the lane in a safe place to farm. Picking off someone from the enemy team is a great way to start off some objective collecting, like their binding or a spirit well.

Late Game:

Late game is an extension of your early and mid game play. Your focus will always be around throwing Spite poke down the lane and weakening the enemy team as much as possible before the next team fight breaks out. However, the closer to six items you get, the more enormous your burst value becomes. A late game Mage Mina will be able to burst one of the squishier carries from full to dead, but they will need to have little in the way of magic resistance.

From here it's all about applying what you've learned throughout the game. Which Shaper is the easiest one to whittle down, how low they need to be before you can dive-bomb with Key to the Heart, and so on. Mina brings a lot to the table with her kit and as a Mage brings a little bit of two different play styles. Use what you know to bring your team one step closer to victory.

Plus, be ready for some hilarious games as well. No one expects Mage Mina, and you can see four- or five-item team without a single piece of magic resistance if your team is running double AD carry. Even as you run around popping their carries. In every fight. And they still won't itemize against you. Doesn't happen terribly often, but it's a great laugh when it does.
Meetings and greetings!

First, thank you for taking the time to read through my rambling. Hopefully you'll give Mage/Damage Mina a shot. Combined with a good support you can trust, Mina can pull some amazing stunts with Key to the Heart and output surprising damage with only one item, Decay.

I've come to Dawngate from two years of League, where I mained Mid, Jungle, and then AD Carry (Seasons 2, 3, and 4, in order). Mina as a Shaper immediately took my eye, from her kit to personality to design. Playing around with the items, I found out the interaction between Spite and Decay and wanted to push the limits.

Plus I'm a bit of a sadist, so what better Shaper could there be for me besides a damage Mina that hammers your life out over and over?

Enjoy, and remember, open your heart!


As of 7/7/2014, I have made it on the Top 200 Leaderboard for Dawngate having played nothing but Mage Mina. I hope you can enjoy the guide I've put together, and enjoy the unique style of mage that Mina can be. Thank you for reading. It's been a wild ride.
Change Log
Changes made to the guide.

Archive: 2014

9/1/2014: Minor correction in Spells section.

9/8/2014: Minor display bug.

9/11/2014: Patch update. No significant changes to Mina, build, or any matchups (save Mina v Renzo being a little easier). Condensed Change Log with an external archive, updated on a month-to-month basis. Resets per year.

10/7/2014: Patch update. No significant changes, to build or play.

10/15/2014: Utility Items section re-done. Still not happy with it. Moderate nerf to Mina's Key to the Heart fear duration make killing someone in an all-in more difficult, but otherwise has no large effect on build or play.

11/1/2014: Updated the guide to reflect the Potency buff. Really good item now, has a definite place now instead of it's previous niche place. Good times.

11/6/2014: Final patch. No significant changes to build or Mina, aside from a slight cost decrease to core items. It's been fun. Thank you for reading.

2/5/2015 Final day for Dawngate. Thank you Waystone for such a wonderful game, and the community for making it fun. You will be missed.

Good bye.

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Thx 4 a guide, i think this way of playing Mina as carry can live, but I want to tell my thoughts about your profit: U want to spam Q, but in late? I can say, that in late Mina can kill in her ordinary semi-support build (yesterday i've finished match 17-7 with triple kill). So your build is a simple variation of skirmishing 1vs1 fights, but with CDs up Mina is nothing against other carries.
And more of it: Harmony is the best way to start spamming any ability especialy if your team has bruiser or ADC with high haste (reina, moya etc). Mina cant be pure carry couse she has her useless for this way ability - W, that totally related with your opponents. Wanna beauty numbers on a screen? Just think about cobmo - Chaos+Ult.
Tried this guide and it works VERY well, especially if you have a good lane partner. Interesting take on Mina (whom everyone says is a pure support, which is quite honestly bullshit. It's Dawngate, not LoL or DotA, here you can play your characters however you want and still have it work).
mrgnOID, if you're getting kills late game as support Mina, you're pegging them away from your other carries.If you have defiance, you can 100-0 any other ad or mage carry without problem. Even then, your point about W has no water. It's a 5v5 game, why are you running around by yourself trying to pick up kills? That's a good way to die and throw your advantage.I mentioned Harmony in the guide.
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