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Physically Immortal Kahgen
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > Q > W > E
Unique Passive - Hoplite
+11.7 Armor
+2 Power
+10.1% Armor
As Kahgen, you'll want to jungle at the start of the game. I'd start with the Power camp, as I usually use. Then, clear in the order of Fish camps, to Mushroom camps (Claim the Haste Buff), to the Ugger camps (Claim the Armor buff if not stolen), money pigs, then gank. The reason you jungle when playing the Immortal Kahgen is because you will be able to farm in relative peace (The threat of jungle invades are there though), and once you come out of the Jungle, you should have your core items complete.
Unique Passive - Hoplite
+11.7 Armor
+2 Power
+10.1% Armor
Hoplite gives us 1 power per 10 armor built, and along with the +% Armor gain, it allows me to get quite a bit of power from Armor thanks to Hoplite. I start with an initial 11.7 Armor as well as 2 power to gain an initial 4 power at the start of the game. To exploit this loadout to the fullest, every item built with one exception will have Armor from it, not because of the +% Armor gain, but Hoplite giving me more power, meaning more Damage.
Vanquish, Bastion & Stagger
Vanquish is your primary spell when jungling. It'll allow you to clear buffs quicker in the early game, and secure Parasite in the late game. Bastion is picked not just because of the shield, but you also gain Armor when activated, furthering your physical survivability as well as a small boost to Power thanks to our loadout. Stagger is for more CC in late game. Basically, stagger the enemy damage dealer, then hook 'em.
Vanquish, Blink & Bastion
This is what I'll call the "Safe" Spell build. Vanquish because... you're jungling. Blink can help you escape failed ganks, evade AoE abilities as Kahgen has zero mobility, or even help you line up a solid hook that will hook the other team's carry into your team, allowing them to bring them down no problem. Bastion is still picked, just at level 20 rather than 10, unlike the first Spell build. It still gives a solid shield as well as the MR/Armor buff.
The Completed Build
This is the item build you should have at late game. Adamance causes physical attackers to be slowed both by movement and attack speed. Hope supercharges your survivability if your HP falls low. Subjugation will reduce their damage dealt, along with some Haste, Armor, and Magic Resist. Retribution is for those pesky mages, giving you some magic survivability. Glory provides damage in an area around you, causing some damage for recently hooked enemies. Equilibrium suppresses their attack speed, along with giving immense Armor and some Haste.
Starting Items
At the start of the game, Resilience along with some pots will sustain you while you are jungling away. Resilience will also turn into our first core item.
Pre-Gank Phase
Before you start ganking, you should finish a Form for extra ability damage, power, and armor, which is exploited in this build thanks to our loadout. You should get Form on your first back, and after you reach level 6, where the fun begins as Kahgen.
Mid Game
Once laning is over, you should have your Adamance finished along with a Resolve and Discipline. Adamance will cause them to slow themselves as they deal physical damage to you, which you should be facetanking at this point. Resolve will give you some Magic resist for mages who don't fear you, along with more armor, as well as Discipline, meaning more armor as well as some Haste, giving you CDR.
Pre-Teamfight Phase
As teamfights start, you should have your Hope and Subjugation finished at this point. They rise your armor to extreme levels thanks to the +% Armor from our Loadout, and giving solid power thanks to Hoplite. Subjugation causes your hooked prey to deal less damage, as well as you continue to Dust Devil them, and Hope supercharges your Armor and Magic Resist, along with 10% Damage mitigation if your HP drops below half. You should also get a Conviction and Pride. Conviction will cause mages thinking they can cut through your gargantuan armor some grief with some extra Magic Resist, and Pride gives more HP and more Armor, along with a DoT on each autoattack.
Teamfight Phase
Late Game is here! At this point, Retribution and Glory should be done, and another Discipline purchased as you will be getting the other Discipline upgrade. You should be a monster tank at this point, where your hooks will be devastating, as they take small damage from Blazing Aura. Retribution causes you to store magic damage otherwise taken, and allows you to deal extra magic damage to Shapers as you take magic damage.
Extra MR Variant
This build allows Kahgen to tank all kinds of damage, both magical and physical. Using this variant of the Physically Immortal build, you can facetank both physical and magical damage. This build subtracts around 20% of the EHP vs Physical in the main build, but allows you to tank magical damage much better than the main build. Numbers? This build gives you 50% more EHP vs Magical than the normal build, more precisely 10878 EHP/Physical and 10485 EHP/Magical. On to the items, Faith grants a magical shield, giving you more magical durability, and Valor gives power as your Hp falls as well as a shield when your HP drops below half. This has more Base HP (2937), but less Power and Haste as we are sacrificing Adamance and Equilibrium for Valor and Faith.
Skill Order
With each other autoattack, you do 20% more damage and regain 20 Focus instead of the normal 10. This allows you to Dust Devil away without worrying about your Focus meter given you continue to autoattack. Late game, you should be doing 196 autoattack damage. Meaning every second autoattack does 235 damage.
This is your jungle clear skill. You max this first to max clear times and damage. Late game, this is your source of damage against enemy Shapers. This applies Spirit Sands, causing you to ramp up damage.
This is your slow that also applies Spirit Sands. You slow enemies ahead to line up a good hook, or use this to add more damage on your Q. Don't underestimate the power of the slow, dead center at level 5, that slow is an mind-blowing 80%. (In short, they are pretty much rooted, minus they can use dashes/Blinks to escape the slowfield.)
This is your stun, and scales with Spirit Sands stacks. At max stacks, this is tied for the longest stun in Dawngate at 1.75 seconds (Sakari Ult) (Scaling not factored in). Use this to disable key enemy targets, or give your team more time to position.
This is the skill that created the HookGate. In laning phase, you should be using this skill to pull vulnerable mages and ranged carries back into ganks they thought they escaped. Especially the mages, as they will get around your juggernaut armor, until you build some Magic Resist. This is also useful for catching enemies that Blinked away from you. Late game, you use this skill to initiate teamfights. Try to hook the damage dealers so your team can burst down the enemy damage dealers. In Parasite fights, hook the enemy Jungler away so he can't Vanquish Parasite, have your team kill the enemy Jungler. If you are defending your Guardian, you can even hook someone into your Locus, which will spell certain death for the victim if executed properly. This will happen more often when defending the laser beam core.
Why this is called Physically Immortal Kahgen
The reason this guide is called Physically Immortal Kahgen is because once the item build is completed, barring armor shred, you will be facetanking physical damage to new heights. I actually calculated that this item build gives 2637 HP, 81% Physical Mitigation from Armor, and 62% Magical Mitigation from Resistance. After calculations, this build gives 13,581 effective health against physical damage, and 6,830 effective health against magic damage. This shuts down ranged carries and bruisers, as their damage is physical, and you are pretty much god against physical damage. Mages can give you some grief, but that's why we got Retribution and Subjugation to give Kahgen some much-needed Magic Resistance.
What if the enemy comp is mostly Magic Damage?
If you see a lot of magic damage on the enemy team, this will not be an effective guide. If you are looking to facetank mages to new heights, the Magically Immortal Kahgen guide is here:
Editor's Note: Patch 35 and other Notes
It's been a while since I posted this build, so I updated it to include a new spell build, as well as an alternate build to use against a more magical-oriented team. The Magically Immortal set has been delayed because I have not found the time to test it in a PvP match on Dawngate. I uploaded this set as a result of a game of Kahgen back in Patch 30 conditions, where I ended up building in a way that I had ridiculous armor. This set should still allow you to facetank ADC's/Bruisers to new heights, but the extra MR variant has been added to tide you on a more magical-tank Kahgen until I can get the formal Magically Immortal set up. Thanks, and I'll see you in the Dawngate!
Editor's Note: The End of Dawngate
Well, I guess this is the end. This guide should still be up to date for the final 3 weeks of Dawngate. Thanks for all the memories, and I appreciate all the feedback that this guide had gotten. I am holding an End of Days game on 1/24/15, and a Dawngate Party on 1/31/15. Remember to check the Dawngate reddit for updates on both the End of Days event and the Dawngate Party. Thank you Waystone for providing such an amazing world for us to play in, as well as show that good lore can help a game out big-time. GG WP K4A!

Because of this, I have vowed to boycott all EA titles, and I have ceased using my Origin, which you would have remembered me in the Dawngate as Dawn_Knight_Sean. After Dawngate shuts down, I will be deleting my Moba-Champion account as it is now of no use.

If you want to play with me in the future in other Mobas, I play Dota 2 mainly now, but I have experimented with Smite. My Dota 2 IGN is Z Type Knight, and I have created a guild for former DG players. Just message me on Steam for an invite to the guild. I'll also hold a Dawngate to Dota academy for displaced players to assimilate into the Dota 2 game mechanics. If you intend on playing Smite, you MIGHT be able to see me as TheKnight115, but I don't play Smite often, it's mainly Dota 2. I do intend on playing Smite more now that DG is gone. Hopefully someone will make a Smite clan for former Dawngate players. And NO, I will never play League of Legends. (Unless I somehow get a biohazard suit, lol)

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Just wanted to correct you, that Renzo acctualy has the longest stun on the game on his E (If we include scalining).
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