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Barry's Battle Bug Bible - Post-EA-Apocalypse
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > Q > E > W
+16 Power
+16 Armor
Picking gladiator allows you to build a more selfish and MANLY build, unlike pansy tactician Dibs who is expected to build "auras" and "survivability". PAH! This build focuses on abusing his ridiculous power scaling on his and , becoming an insane utility mage who can easilly turn the tides of fights.

You're able to take advantage of Dibs waveclearing potential from his , whilst also allowing his unique synergy with specific tactician based shapers, such as Mina, to shine during laning phase. Also, by playing gladiator you have more reason to splitpush, as you have more power to pressure tower damage with, more power to shove minion waves with and you generate more vim whilst pushing the minions.
+16 Power
+16 Armor
Exact page :
This is my preferred loadout to run on Dibs as it takes advantage of his high power scaling on his and , whilst also giving a large amount of armor to compensate for his base armor of 10. If you find that you have troubles facing mages in lane then you could swap out 4 to 6 armor sparks for magic resistance sparks, although I would always focus more on armor than magic resistance in a loadout because of how you start with more magic resistance than armor at the beginning of the game, and because it helps reduce auto attack and minion damage whilst trading in lane.
Unique Passive - Scavenger
+10 Power
+11 Armor
+0.9 Mastery
Exact page :
Credit to DeckAide (aka Braderino) for suggesting this loadout page to me. The purpose of scavenger is to synergise with the movement speed buff from the to make you a lot more mobile, compensating for the lack of haste from the build. I would only pick this page if I trusted my tactician to poke and pressure the lane effectively, otherwise the scavenger wouldn't be in effect enough during laning phase for it to be considered worth it.
Blink, Exceed & Dispel
Blink : This is the safest spell option during laning phase, especially against Cerulean or Moya, which is helpful for a squishy shaper like Dibs. Be careful when using Blink aggressively in lane, as junglers such as Basko are able to take advantage of the long cooldown with multiple ganks.

Wither :

Dispel : During the late game you will be a high priority target due to your ridiculously scaling utility from your and , whilst still being very squishy. By focusing on survivability by being able to remove a hard crowd control, it allows you to pump out more of your utility to turn the tides of the fights.

Other good options are :

Deflect :

Blitz : This is a very situational choice, as it is only favorable over the other choices when against certain shapers which force you into an unfavorable position to then get bursted down. You should almost always pick this when you are against Kahgen to avoid the hook, Cerulean to avoid the flip and against Moya to help escape after her ultimate. Take this instead of Dispel if the situation calls for it.
Starting Items
Life : This is the best starting item for Dibs as it compensates for his low health of 440 at level 1, which makes it a superior option to Hunger. It also provides him with some much needed sustain during the laning phase, as Dibs isn't able to make effective use of lifedrain and therefore can't itemise for it, and the optimal loadout page doesn't run any health regen.

Vitality Potion x2 : Another advantage of using life over hunger is the fact that you get an extra Vitality Potion, allowing you to recover from more trades and stay in the lane for longer.
Core Build
Destruction : This is the first large item you should complete, as it provides you with a large amount of flat defense penetration, making it excellent for mages like power Dibs, but better built earlier in the game before people have larger amounts of magic resistance.

Divinity : This item is crazy efficient for 3000 vim, providing 50 power to further contribute to Dibs high power ratios, whilst also giving you a total of 17.5% spell overload, making it the most efficient 1 item for spell overload. This, in combination with the stats given by Destruction, provides you with a huge power spike for mid game teamfights.

It's unlikely that you'll be able to buy the Destruction right away, so you should focus on getting an Aggression and maybe some extra Power so that you don't lose any item advantage. If you're forced to back again and don't have enough to upgrade the Aggression into Destruction, then aim to upgrade one of the Power into a Force.
Example Final Build
Divinity : Divinity is an extremely strong item for mages because of the amount of spell overload it ; from a single slot you're able to get 55 power and a total of 17.5 spell overload including the passive, making it the best item for spell overload alone.

Rage : This is crucial for shapers who are focusing on dealing damage because of the 60% defense penetration on the furious assault passive, allowing you to keep up in damage whilst the enemy tanks scale up with items and resistances. This is essential for every mage and should always be in the end game build.

Supremacy x2 : These are upgraded from 2 of the Command you build after your core items, and allow you to reach the maximum power threshold by having the highest amount of power for 1 item slot.

Wisdom : The enlightenment passive allows you to still have an upgraded version of the Command passive but in the form of a legendary item, scaling the effectiveness of the power granted from the other items and further extending your maximum power threshold. I would replace this with Justice if I feel like I need more kiting potential, as the power overwhelming passive grants a % movement speed buff as well as a % power buff, which when combined with your movement speed buff can help your kiting potential immensely. I typically prefer taking Wisdom over Justice because it overall grants significantly more power and you are typically safe with the shield and movement speed buff.

After completing the core build of Destruction and Divinity I typically finish either Rage or start building towards 3 Command ; Rage if they are already stacking heavy magic resistance and the  3 Command if they aren't, just to maximise the amount of power I can get for the amount of vim. When upgrading the 3 Command you should always finish the 2 Supremacy first as it gives you more overall power when taking into consideration the other command passives applying to the increased power. Wisdom should always be upgraded last.
Situational Items
Pain : Due to the increase popularity of Rebirth, with most tanks and bruisers building it as their first or second legendary item, the mortal strike effect has become even more valuable to have. Although Dibs isn't the best carrier for mortal strike, he can still apply it to a number of shapers with the area of affect from his and auto attacks, whilst still making good use of the stats provided by the item.

Valor : This item is amazing. Due to the last stand passive, the item has the potential to grant you between 40 to 80 power, which is huge! The shield from the passive is what makes the item, as it allows you to survive more burst, letting you live until your is back off of cooldown to then survive longer. This makes it an excellent pickup against assassins who focus on burst, such as Faris or Amarynth, but especially Kindra as the additional shield can help deny her a reset. The will thief passive helps your team if you have a large amount of magic damage, shreading their resistances by a flat amount and making your team's overall damage higher.

Momentum : You would mainly choose this item due to the unshakable passive, as it has the potential to soak up spells such as Kahgen hook, Moya ult and Viyana ; all spells which either have huge displacement or huge crowd controlling potential which set you up to be bursted instantly. Despite this, Momentum can also be justified if you are against a shaper with a lot of stacking crowd control like Desecrator, as the tenacity passive helps in preventing you from being locked down and made vulnerable.

If the situation is appropriate, then these items should be purchased in place of the Supremacy in the final build.

If you feel like you need the Valor or Pain then I would suggest taking it after finishing your core of Destruction and Divinity, as this will be during the time where important teamfights will start happening. The Pain can be built before the Divinity if the enemy team has an extremely large amount of shielding and healing effects (e.g. Renzo and Fenmore with one or two early Rebirth.

You can then continue your build after finishing Divinity by building more power from 2 Command or a Rage depending on how much magic resistance the enemy team has.

Momentum on the other hand is better off built as a 5th or 6th item, as it doesn't give as many stats as the other options, making it better to build later on when you already have enough stats from other items to make it worth not getting caught out and surviving in a teamfight.
Skill Order
At level 1 you always want to start with your so you can either shove the wave fast for level 2, or pressure for early damage with the high base damage and auto attacks from your tactician to proc the second damage pop. Your is better to take at level 2 than your because it allows you to trade more efficiently, whilst also making it easier to dodge any skillshots your lane opponents have. Typically taking your is best at level 3 to help you land your more easily, although if the minions are being shoved in to your binding you may want to take the second point in . Make sure you have all 3 spells at level 4.

Focus on maxing your first since it is your form of wave clear and also your main source of damage. Maxing second is usually best since it increases your overall damage, although when you have a squishier team composition with an already high damage output, you should max to add an aspect of pseudo-tankiness to your team.

Take points into your whenever you can to maximise the amount of power the aura gives.
Pure Shaper : Having no resource to cast your spells makes it more forgiving to spam your abilities, allowing you to stay in lane for longer without any concern of running out of resource.
Nightmare : This is power Dibs bread and butter. It provides him during lane with good shoving potential and good poke, whilst also being waveclear to help create pressure when splitpushing. The area of effect radius may be small, but it gives Dibs a stronger teamfighting and skirmishing presence. When you land the on the opponent during laning phase, encourage your lane partner to auto attack the target or use a single target spell to ensure that the second damage component is popped, as it is generally stronger than the initial damage during the lower levels and will help create lane pressure.

This is the first spell that makes excellent use of a full power build. the initial damage component has a power ratio of 0.5, whilst the second damage component has a power ratio of 0.7. This means that the spell has a total power ratio of 1.2 when the second component is popped, making it one of the best scaling spells in the game.
Dreamwrap : This is probably Dibs strongest part of his kit, reaching shield amounts of 900 to 1000 late game with all of our power steroids popped and when all the stacks are put on 1 person. The recent buffs have increased the movement speed buff, making it so you can give 3 members of your team a 30% movement speed buff, or to cycle the stacks on a single target to give them the movement speed for potentially 8 seconds. This makes it amazing for chasing people down, escaping or engaging, as you can spread the 3 stacks between your tanks and bruisers to help them have enough movement speed to force an engagement. The buffs have also made the flat value and the cooldown shorter, making it more efficient to keep at rank 1 whilst letting the power ratio keep it at a valuable shielding amount.

This is the other spell that abuses the power stacking. Each stack of the shield has a 0.4 power ratio, meaning that when all the shield stacks are used a total power ratio of 1.2 is reached.

Remember to spam this when returning back to lane, but don't use all the stacks at once! Using the first stack, and then using the second and third stacks 2 or 3 seconds after maximises the duration of the movement speed buff, letting you return to lane as fast as possible.

I would highly suggest setting up key bindings to make it easier for you to self target the , as it makes it much smoother to play and helps in reactive play to make trading easier (I personally use ctrl + w for self targeting).

Ripple : You should largely use this for the single target nuking potential and the slow, as the slow makes it easier to follow up with a .

Don't forget about the other components of the spell, as the slow removal can be a life saver (especially against Voluc ganks), and the knockback can disjoint combos when casted on the target of the combo. For example, the knockback can interrupt Faris after his E to give you more time to avoid the W, and it can also push Salous out of range for his E after he dashes with his Q.

I'd also suggest setting up self casting for the .
Reverie : The global presence from allows you to easily turn small skirmishes in your team's favour, making 3v3s in the other lane a 4v3. If you are anticipating that you'll need to to the other side of the map, make sure that you shove the wave preemptively with your so that you don't risk losing your binding.

The global range also allows you to be a strong splitpusher, attracting attention with your shoving potential and tower damage with your high power, to then away to group with your team and take another objective. Despite it's range, don't be afraid to use for your own lane, as the extra gap closing can help in making a play when you're ahead and snowballing, or help you finish off a lane opponent after an all in.

During teamfights when you're already grouped with your team, try to use the dash component to reposition yourself favourably. This could mean avoiding high priority but obvious spells such as Ashabel ultimate or Zalgus full combo, or it could simply just be dashing in to their backline to finish off their low health squishy targets with an combo or dashing to your backline so that you can pump out large shields for your team members.

Never forget that your is also a power aura, especially during late game when the aura becomes huge! During laning phase if you're commiting to an all in, make sure you pop your ultimate for the extra power bonus for both you and your tactician, as this will make a huge difference in damage.
Change Log
06/08/2014 - Finally updated for the Basko patch. Removed the "Tough Lanes and Magic Damage" section as vigor is no ridiculously efficient and abuse worthy. Added pain to the "Situational Items" section to adjust to the rebirth meta. Removed the standard loadout page from the suggested loadouts as I felt the other two pages were too significantly superior. Changed the build order to adjust to the divinity buff and the command nerf.
RIP Commander Buggy.

17/06/2014 - Viridian Patch! Updated the "Tough Lanes and Magic Damage" section for the will changes. Apart from that nothing really changed. They fixed a bug which meant % power sources stacked how they were meant to, so power buff doesn't give as much power before when you have commands. Exceed was buffed, meaning that the build is even more efficient! Lane matchups and lane combos are still under construction.

14/06/2014 - The guide's debut! Huzzah! I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions on how I can improve the guide (I'm not a good theorycrafter D:), so if you have any or have any questions about the decisions made in the guide just leave a comment. I did have some ideas about what additional sections I could add, but I wanted to see what everyone expected to see from the guide first. I'll try my best to answer any questions and update my guide depending on what's demanded.

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you're such a loser, burry
What lane combos would Power Dibs be good with? And what are strong counters to it?
What about Harmony? I feel it's good in teamfights cuz everyone is attacking like crazy and your Q cooldown goes down to like 1-2 seconds. i'd replace it with one of the supremacy's cuz an extra Q is probably stronger than 90 power
@VISHES I'm currently working on a section based around matchups against certain tacticians (Doing it based on tacticians as they have the biggest influence on the lane matchup), which will be listing the difficulty of the matchup, why it's at that difficulty, and specific combos with that tact and how that influences the difficulty. Lane combos would be a 2nd priority, but would be a good idea!
@MikellaOnly As Harmony doesn't give any real offensive stats it largely restricts the efficiency of the wisdom, exceed, and most importantly restricts the size of the power aura, which is, in my opinion, the largest selling point of the build in late game. Also, another issue is how it is basicly a wasted slot when you're splitpushing, ruining your dueling potential if someone tries to stop you.
Most troll build ever. I love it.
Goomba so rude
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