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Aura Zeri
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > Q > E > W
Unique Passive - Warden
+93.4 Health
+5.6% Cooldown Reduction
Tactician is the best role for Zeri as she can poke for days with Spatter, Desaturate and autoattack. If you space out you actions you can proc you tact bonus every time it's up.
Gladiator is doable with this build but last hitting is going to be hard at the start of the game.
Unique Passive - Warden
+93.4 Health
+5.6% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive Warden: After 10 seconds without taking damage, you gain a shield equal to 7% of your maximum Health.
+93.4 Health
+5.6% Cooldown Reduction

Warden is a core feature of this loadout as it will let you poke the enemy more often since you can negate the first hit of poke from them. The extra life will give you more of a buffer before you are in trouble, and it also adds 6 hp to your warden shield.

The cooldown reduction lets you poke a little more often as it shaves .616s off your rank 1 your Q and .56s off all ranks of E.
+70.9 Health
+15.3 Power
+2.4 Haste
+2.4 Haste
+70.9 Health
+15.3 Power

The other option for
Stagger, Deflect & Tailwind
First: Stagger is a great spell for both offense and defense. You can use this when aggressing on an enemy to keep them away from the safety of their binding; Or you can use it to slow an attacker if your lane mate is able to get away, i.e. not going to be burst out but just need to get the enemy off them to live.

Second: Deflect can always save your teammates. Either to help one person get out of a fight or adding some effective hp to your team.

Last: Tailwind helps secure kills, and rushing down the lane after the ace.
Drain, Deflect & Tailwind
If you are going up against Voluc or Fenmore take Drain for you first spell instead, you will need to reduce their sustain in order to kill them.
Full Build
Start: Life + 3 health pots
Life is always a great opening item, the health will help you from being bursted out. it will also add 8 hp to your warden shield. This will bring you up to 45 pts. on your shield at level 1, and the 5hp/5 will help you heal up most of what gets through.
First Buy
First Buy: Pestilence
Pestilence will add more hp to you, and will give a dot/slow to your lane mate's attacks. If your lanemate is a melee shaper, this will help them out a bunch.
Cheap First Buy
If you don't have enough vim on your first back, then pick up as many of the following in order: Purity, Power, into Force, and then Resilience and if you have vim left Time.
Quad Aura
Continuing On: Build Hostility, Hope, Furor, Grace and the last item depends on what you need late game.

If you a doing well and need to finish it out Potency. Now the only ability that can trigger this is desaturate but so long as you have less than 40% CDR (this build give a max of 36.2%) the Potency will be up every time your e is up (6.3s).

If you are being killed to early in team fights then Rampancy This should give you enough health to keep you up.

General: YOU ARE NOT A TANK. You must stay off the front line or you will vaporize. Your job is to sling spatter's to lower the MR of the enemy, move your muse to people that are being hit or to the damage dealers use you desaturated to stop or prevent enemy abilities from being used, and finally throwing your ult down on the right target.

Positioning: You need to stay behind the front line that is made up of tanks and bruisers, but still far enough up to keep them within your aura. Stay in front of the carries for you need to slow up anyone that tries to get past and give time for your team to reposition.
Skill Order
Start with for the long range poke. Then get a point in for harass more, and finally add a single point into . The point in muse will let you boost your stats, or transfer a quarter of them to an ally.

Max spatter for the increased damage, MR shred and the lower cooldown. Second Max Desaturate to increase the damage. Then get desaturate last as the power that it passively gives you is nice, but not enough to warrant leveling it sooner. Take your ult whenever available.
No Passive... yet.
Landing Q's: So there are a couple tricks to landing them, but first know that you are going to miss a bunch.

1. Lessen the travel time by getting closer, max range q's take awhile to hit and are easy to dodge.
2. Since the shots animation doesn't have it fall with gravity, its hard to see where its aimed so, if the enemy seems scared of your q's then aim behind them so that they walk right into it.
3. If the enemy is running at you throw your q down in front of them so that they walk into it and get slowed up.
Move the Butterfly: When in lane keep moving your butterfly around. Move it to you when you are going to harass, and then send it back to your lane mate. In teamfights send it to the person that goes in to start. Then start moving it around to people that you think need it. Remember that you transfer 25% of the stat you get from items and loadout, this includes Armor, Magic Resist, Power, Haste, and Life Drain. So armor and MR for the tanks, power and haste for the carries.
Save Your Silence: If you are going up against a burst caster (someone who uses an ability combo to deal damage) or someone that has a move that you can not let go off, (Cerulean flip) You need to save your silence so that if they start to go you can silence them and force them away. Also know that channeled abilities such as Viyanna's or Mikella's ult's can be canceled early by you, and abilities with a wind-up such as Renzo's stun can be canceled if you get them fast enough during the wind-up.
Popping Your Ult: Her ult has a dual purpose the most obvious but least efficient way is to throw it on someone to boost their health and save them from death. The more optimal use is to throw it down on someone in the middle of the enemy team, so that they drain the enemy team's power and deal more damage.

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Honestly, Zeri is a shaper that is not very useful in my personal opinion, if you manage to come by this feel free to drop a comment as well but I'm just dropping my personal opinion, Checkout my team's guides on here, as well as our youtube at
Zeri is way more useful then you seem to think dude, and any who good work on the guide
Zeri is crazy useful. I've used this build not only on Zeri, but other supports as well. I find the aura's awesome support and it gave me -so- much more sustain. Also who wouldn't love flinging paint at people?
I would say corruption is missing in this build as a situational item specially with the amount voluc and freia speed lifedrain builds. Being able to stop it from a long distance with your e or q is just vital for your team to win fights.
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