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Mina-he the Tyrant
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
Q > E > W > R
+125.6 Health
+6.4 Health Regeneration
+8 Armor
Tactician is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain Vim as Mina. It allows you to focus entirely on harassing and supporting your lane partner.
It can work out, but it isn't the most efficient thing to do. Your lack of waveclear during early stages of the game will make last hitting under binding annoying.
I'm not a big fan of this, but she CAN jungle on her own. She's also able to go around posessing a jungler through the entire game, but besides the fun factor, it is kind of trash.
Predator is in a bad spot at the moment, I wouldn't suggest going pred unless you are 100% sure your lane will be snowballing early on, it's risk is bigger than it's reward in the current meta.
+125.6 Health
+6.4 Health Regeneration
+8 Armor
This is a page I've been messing around with lately.

Pretty straightforward, these are all stats you want on Mina. HP/HPReg/armor in order to withstand indirect harass you'll be taking while on your slave.
+108 Health
+9 Power
+4 Haste
+4.0 Armor
As of right now, I haven't gone deep into figuring out any Mina specific loadout, but for what it's worth the Default loadout still provides you with things I consider more valuable than say, Warden.

Unlike other supports, a Mina may not be able to upkeep Warden nearly as often.

Once again, this isn't to say this is the best loadout for Mina, but I believe you should be prioritizing health, resistances, and health regen on whatever page you may want to run on her as you'll be taking some damage inside your host VERY OFTEN.
Drain, Tailwind & Wither
Drain: I take this as a first spell if I am laning with a RANGED CARRY or a MAGE. 99.666669% of the time you don't want your carry/mage to be the one to take this spell, although it can secure them a kill it more often than not will put them in a very compromising position. A good mina player understands this and continues to threaten the lane by taking this spell, relying entirely on her to survive.

Tailwind: This will allow for greater engaging/desengaging options. I find it exceptionally good on Mina due to the amount of situations where your  and your will allow you to catch up/escape.

Wither: You want this spell to be thrown out as soon as you're going to follow up an initiation, pretty much self explanatory here. This spell can be taken second (switching up order with Tailwind) if you're behind and need this teamfight-changing spell or if you're going against a shaper that has snowballed or could potentially snowball through the mid-game (Faris, Kindra, Ranged Carries).

Things I keep in mind when acquiring an item besides cost efficiency:
What do I intend to achieve with my final build?
What stages of the game am I going to excelt at?
How expensive is my IDEAL build going to be at the stages of the game I'm aiming to be at my peak?

  • Mina doesn't have very good wave clearing capabilities, while Chaos will not solve this problem entirely, it can help out a whole lot.

  • Potentially provides your team with a 20%  (30% for your host) magic damage amplification when used right with your this will be really good through all stages of the game

  • Going back to the damage amplification part, keep in mind that the damage your ranged carry will be doing once you land your is MAGIC DAMAGE, so the 10% magic damage increase will affect it.

  • Grants some extra sustain, an extra slow, and MAGIC DAMAGE (hint hint, amplified by Chaos)

  • Builds out of purity, a great item to have during laning phase

  • Grants mina some power and health, valuable stats for this playstyle

  • Shortens our cooldowns greatly during teamfights, decreasing downtime so that we can get multiple fears off or reposition ourselves/escape.

  • Granting you're posessing your slave, it will obtain 10 Health Regen + 10 Health Regen from Pestilence + 20 Power from Harmony, do make sure they thank you after you've bought these items.

  • Grants your allies extra offensive stats

  • Grants Mina some power, health and mastery, valuable stats for this playstyle

  • Things start to get tricky at this point, this item allows for some desperation plays that require good reaction time

  • It is possible to -> (Granting host 20% DMG reduction) -> -> (Granting you 20% DMG red) -> back   ->  either disengage and pick up a safer host or re-engage with your fear. You get the idea.

  • Situational item that becomes sort of a necessity at later stages of the game. As it stands rebirth is seeing a lot of play, as well as Ambition. Mortal Strike cuts down both's effectiveness to almost become non-factor during teamfights.

These are the items that can be placed in the slot your Pain is in.

It's priority over Defiance can be swapped.

When should I get Adamance?

You should be getting this when you're against double ADC comps and your team does not have an adamance. Jumping into someone and getting damaged through this will still proc it, effectively giving the effect of having an adamance to an ally shaper.

When should I get Potency?

Get this when the team is heavenly stacking HP but doesn't necessarily have high regen items ( Rebirth in this case you'd be better off with buying Pain)

When should I get Oppression?

Usually I would not get this item if you're going to get it so late into the game. If you are though, make sure you've got more than one magic damage user so that you can maximize on the magic res reduction combined with your damage amplifications. ( , Chaos)
Skill Order
This is just personally what I'm most comfortable with my playstyle and what I believe fulfills what Mina's role is meant to be. For the sake of brevity the points will come down to a single solidified sentence.

Why max over ?

I prefer maximizing damage output during the early stages of the game.

Why max over ?

Damage output and damage reduction uptime.

Why max over ?

... (≧Д≦)
One of the greatest passives in the game right now. The ability to stay relatively faster at all times in comparison to your enemy lane is a big deal.

The addition of passives to shapers is exciting, if this is a taste of what we can expect on Passive-Palooza™ the Dawngate is about to get a whole lot more of depth in the lane synergy department!
High projectile speed, moderate cooldown ability with a lot of potential throughout all stages of the game.

Due to the split utility nature of this ability it already requires more game knowledge than your average support player. Knowing the archetype of the shaper you're using your from can easily be the difference between securing a kill during laning phase.

As a reminder, you can also proc this ability if you land the skillshot without posessing another teammate's body. Being classified as a Support, it will be a guaranteed slow that allows you to set up ganks, catch up to enemies, and attempt to safely retreat out of sticky situations.

I recommend you to max this first to maximize damage output during laning phase.
High sustain, high cooldown ability with deffensive and offensive purposes.

This is a core part of Mina's kit and key to her unique playstyle. allows you to grant your host a different way to sustain damage at the expense of risking your own health.

Defensively: The skill's effective-covered-range is quite big and it allows for the greatest jukes Dawngate has to offer. This skill also offers the equivalent of health regen to the host through a 'ticking shield' (yes, it will regen shield over time, sort of how Viyanna's shield works) giving them an easier time taking harass in lane, granted you're still going to be taking damage for it.

Offensively: Mina was given the third implementation of Fear in the game, an AoE 0.75s duration one that can put you in a bad position if used recklessly. Although you're given a shield to compensate for the risky position you will be put in, lets keep in mind some of our item choices that allow us to only take 1 point into this skill such as Harmony and Defiance, these two items will reduce our cooldown drastically in the middle of a fight and open the possibility to really thought-out big plays.
Showing off Mina's range and flexibility
Mina can use shortcuts that would otherwise take up a big amount of travel time!
Mina's range can cover from the outer circle of the binding all the way to the inner base circle!
Showing the effective range Mina can cover with her after jumping on Varion, pretty much a full binding area worth of travel distance

Moderate damage, moderate to low cooldown ability with a high % of damage reduction.

The skill is pretty straight forward, live and let others live (not really, let everyone die if they deserve it)

Feel free to max this skill over if you're not good at skillshots and would prefer some guaranteed consistent damage output, although it is not ideal.

Moderate damage, high cooldown ultimate ability that increases your team's damage output on the enemy shapers hit by it.

If used while on your slave, the damage increase is doubled. If used without a slave, your damage increase is doubled.

Understanding Mina's ultimate casting range:

Your ultimate will go off WITHOUT HAVING MINA MOVE as long as you have this much of area covered within your shaper circle (deactivating smartcast is encouraged)

It is very easy to be confused by how her ultimate's casting works and try to get some extra range by clicking at the very edge of your shaper's range circle, but this wont work and can mess up things a whole lot, your shaper will proceed to move towards the closest area that it can cast the spell at the location you pointed, even if it feels like it shouldn't.

Support Matchups

As of patch 29 Dibs has received some buffs that make his laning phase stronger, making this matchup more reliant on skill and your lane partner. Your passive should let you and your lane partner have an easier time dodging the Dibs nightmare, but you must keep in mind that Dibs movement speed obtained through his shield has been buffed, negating your movement speed advantage to certain extent.


What I consider one of the easiest matchups, if not the easiest. You can play this lane either inside or outside of your slave, it will work either ways. Personally I prefer to stay outside of my slave majority of the laning phase against a Desecrator, you're given a natural advantage over him by being a ranged shaper. Your movement speed and utility should be more than enough to not get caught by Desecrator, and to be able to re-engage out of it if possible, as Desecrator becomes very vulnerable once his spells have been used.


A very binary matchup, you will either win it really hard or lose it really hard. It will all depend on lane partners and whether you're outagressing the Zeri. The second either of you gets Chaos the lane becomes twice as hard for the one that doesn't have it yet. (This is without taking into consideration jungler pressence)


A very annoying matchup. Most of the annoyance comes from how passive Viyana can turn a lane and depending on your lane partners even outtrade you. Only good side of laning against Viyannas is the fact that you're able to stop her ult even while you're inside your host as you're not affected by it, and the fact that Viyanna is so susceptible to early ganks. Besides that, I'm not a huge fan of going on the same lane. It is solo queue after all, relying on jungler pressence is a bad habit.


Really easy matchup. Jump on your ADC and play most of the laning phase this way, you will mitigate a lot of Amarynth's damage and currently you can bug out her bubble so it drops to a nearby minion.


Marah is a very strong shaper at the moment, at the edge of being called overpowered. You will have a really awful time against her if you don't win lane pre-level 6. Going even on this lane is still a loss, but it is better than feeding her a ton of kills.


Another fairly easy matchup. I suggest you stay inside your slave past level 4 and try to get as much harass as possible before that. You do not want to get all in'd by Kel at 6, it becomes risky, granted you could still survive the initial burst.

Interesting Mina Bugs
If an Amarynth bubbles you, and you jump right away in to an ally, the bubble will drop to a nearby minion.

If you jump into Moya while she's ulting and then you jump out right away, you will obtain the same movement speed that her ult travel speed gets.

You can harass enemy shapers under binding and jump into a slave right away, so long as the binding has just fired,  it will bug out and not shoot either of you.

If you cast your out of range on a Moya and she ults, you will automatically walk into cast range and fly up with that beautiful otter.

Ward Placement
About the Guide
This guide will be an on-going work in progress, sadly I do have some obligations that may keep me from updating this as regularly as I'd like it to.

If you've got any questions or feedback regarding the guide you can contact me through Twitter and I'll more than likely get back to you. Twitter: Mianhe

I'd love to hear about your experiences with Mina, and whether you like this guide's playstyle or not, as well as any other playstyle you've found yourself more comfortable with.

Latest update on my leaderboard climb using this knowledge (playing Mina 97% of the time, currently only Mina on the board):
Final Comments
I'd love to thank Decade (aka Braderino) for helping me take some of the screenshots, and GoombaQueen for encouraging me to work on this guide.

Last I'd love to thank my parents for the asian genes within me, granting me eternal youth and beyond-human mechanics.

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best mina world
Isn't Mina supposed to be a support? I don't understand why you'd go for Chaos or Pain on her, as you don't need waveclear or crit, and unless they have a lot of healing, pain is worthless. Very situational. I feel there are many other, more valuable items on Mina. Also, stacking E over W seems like it's a waste, as you get much more utility and damage if you land it...
Yep, the Pain is a situational pick and it's the reason I haven't talked about it yet. It's still pretty much WIP but I'll get to it tonight. As for the other item choices, Zeri is a support that does incredibly well with different itemization than say a Renzo, their archetype doesn't really tunnel you into specific buildpaths. Once again, this is just my take on Mina.
Praised be Based Minahe.
Mianhe is a really experienced Mina player, wise words and tips/tricks from him. Listen and copy!
Updated with Support Matchups and Mina Bugs!
Dibs matchup comments confuse me, you might want to change that ultimate icon into a passive icon, and I'm 90% sure that it doesn't matter whether you hit Dibs or somebody else with your E because it reduces damage taken, not damage dealt (given that your original 6 items don't include either of Discipline's upgrades)
You're right, I don't know what I was thinking. I blame sleep deprivation. Fixed!
Here's the recommended loadout:
Messed up the loadout url, here's the correct one:
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