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Voluc - Champion of the Jungle [WIP]
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Quick Guide
Item Build
Skill Order
R > W > E > Q
+26.5 Health
+4.9 Haste
+1.8% Cooldown Reduction
+3.2 Power
+0.7% Magic Resistance
Unique Passive - Berserker
+1% Power
+1.4 Health Regeneration
+0.3 Mastery
Since this is a jungling guide, I will be using the Hunter role. This is generally what all junglers use.
There are some occasions where people go Predator when jungling, but Voluc should always go Hunter.
+26.5 Health
+4.9 Haste
+1.8% Cooldown Reduction
+3.2 Power
+0.7% Magic Resistance
Unique Passive - Berserker
+1% Power
+1.4 Health Regeneration
+0.3 Mastery
This is the loadout I use, there may be ways to improve this though. If you feel like you have a better one, feel free to use that.
Vanquish, Tailwind & Wither
Vanquish is the base of jungling. It lets you finish buff camps easily, or even kill those nasty super minions after those horrible enemies kill parasite. You should always pick this up first.

Next is Tailwind. I pick this to be able to chase down my prey, or escape from hard hitting enemies. This works very well on Voluc because he does't have an escape (Other than his slow, but that's single target).

And last is Wither which also helps to chase down enemies and finish them with 1 last basic attack (Preferably with Curse of Weakness activated)

One other good choice are Blitz, but I don't see why you should take that over Tailwind. Maybe if you have trouble with stuns or slows from the enemy team.
Example Build
Just an example build. This build assumes you have a tank on your team, and you are not getting perma stunned or slowed by your enemy. It's good to have atleast one defensive item in your build.
Other than that, this build focuses on damage and lifesteal.
Starting Items
Picking up Hunger will allow you to stay in the jungle for a longer period of time. You could also pick up Power if your team really help you with the first buff. But considering the first item you should get is Ambition, you're better off getting a Hunger as your first item.
Core Items
Your first item should be Ambition. It provides you with everything Voluc needs to be able to gank and survive in the jungle for a long time. The passive on Ambition first perfectly with Voluc's kit.
Next up is Inevitability. It will help you chase down enemies and slow even more when using your Curse of Weakness.

Creation helps to keep you alive with your lifesteal. You will be unstoppable with your ultimate activated when you have this item. You also gain some haste so you can move around more and attack faster.
If the enemy gets Pain, this item will ensure you that your lifesteal heals you enough to survive against your enemies.

After getting the core items, you can choose to go full offensive, full defensive or a mix of the two.
Offensive Items
Voracity will give you more lifesteal and alot more damage.
Decay will boost your damage significantly, while also provide you with more health. You will be able to pump out alot more damage. It will also damage enemies from afar, you only have to hit them with one of your abilities.

If you feel like you are getting stunned or slowed quite a bit, you should invest in a Momentum. It will give you a shield and also reduce the duration of all disabling effects. It also gives you a nice haste increase as well.
Defensive Items
If you feel like going a bit more tanky, but also deal quite a bit of damage, Valor will boost both your damage and give you some magic resist along with a shield when you drop down to 30% hp.

If you really want to go tanky and absorb alot of damage so your team can finish off the enemies, Hope is the perfect item for you. It gives you alot of armor and magic resistance, and even more when you drop below 50% hp.

Stability is more of an escape or chase item, it helps you disable the disabling effects (if that makes sense, lol).
Skill Order
> > >

Start by getting all of your skills so you can use them all when clearing camps. Get Devour first, then Curse of Weakness and finally, your Sentinel Strike.

You should be focusing on maxing your Curse of Weakness first. It deals the most damage and provides you with a slow.
Devour should be maxed afterwards.
When there's nothing else to level, you should get your Devour.
I have explained why further down in the Abilities section.
Free abilities for Voluc !
This skill lets you cleave surrounding enemies on your next basic attack. It's amazing to clear camps with, since you can focus on the tough enemy and use Devour and Sentinel Strike on the smaller ones nearby. Although, I max this last since the other 2 abilities provide more damage and utility.
This is Voluc's best non-ultimate skill in my opinion. It slows the enemies and at the same time gives you a huge damage boost on your next attack. It also gives you an increase to lifesteal passively.

I initiate with this ability to slow the enemy down, then approach closer and use both Devour and Sentinel Strike at the same time to deal insane damage to a single target (and some others around too). After that it's just basic attacks until you have your skills up again.
I get this skill the first thing I do. It lets me clear the first couple of camps easily since it damages creeps in an aoe and provides you with a haste buff. I also max this after Curse of Weakness because it provides much more than Sentinel Strike does. Later in the game, the haste buff is insane, even if you only hit 1 enemy with it.

When ganking, you should try to hit as many enemies as possible. If the enemy carry is near your tower and no minions are around, you should slow them down and use your Sentinel Strike, and wait for them to run into their minions, then you use it. This way, you easily get max stacks for your haste buff, and it will be easier to kill your enemy than if you used it earlier.
If there's no minions around, just use it straight away, it still deals damage!
This is where Voluc shines. He's a total death machine with this ability activated. No one will be able to kill you, except if you go in alone against 2 or more other people with decent damage.
When going into a team fight, you should activate this as soon as you are inside the crowd, then you should focus on their damage dealer.
Be careful of stuns though, this ability does NOT heal you, it only gives you life steal. You should be careful if your enemy team has alot of stuns, since they will most likely focus them on you to render your ult useless (except for the damage it pumps out, but most shapers can survive that in a team fight.

This ability can also save your life when trying to escape. If you're low, you can activate it along with all of your other abilities to get a HUGE hp burst. This saved my life once, and also gave me a kill because the enemies followed me into the turret. I had maybe one bar health left, and managed to kill one of the two other enemies that chased me. The other one ran away like a coward, hehe.

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