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Hello, good people of the Dawngate community! It's been a while since my last Chronicles Analysis, so I figured I'd give a formal notice of what's happening along with a new analysis with a slightly different format.

I set out to write analyses of the Chronicles because I saw a lot of questions being asked about what it all meant, and who characters were. At the start of the Chronicles, it was difficult for lore-illiterate folks to know what was happening. At first I attacked comment sections with individual replies, answering as many questions as I could, but after I realized that it was happening so frequently, I conspired with MOBA-Champion to start writing a series of analyses to help everyone understand what was going on.

So why did I stop writing them? Well I realized that I had ceased explaining the world to people, and was pretty much just predicting what was going to happen based on what we knew. I don't have a problem with predicting what will happen in the lore, but it was getting away from what I had set out to accomplish with the Chronicles. In short: my goal was done. By the thirtieth Chronicle or so, it seemed that people no longer needed my explanation. I'm not done with Dawngate, but this chapter is coming to a close, and it's time to move on to other projects. In the mean time, I hope that my analysis of
Divinity is enlightening.


Key Points

  • There are many clues that identify the narrator's home as Taraysk. She mentions the vessels that the babies are shaped in (testtubes if you will), and talks about the tribes that scatter east and west around them.
  • The narrator and her mate are both centaur-like (human torso on a quadruped body). She mentions him galloping, and during her escape from Taraysk, there are galloping sounds in the background. This would indicate that they both have four hooves.
  • The people of Taraysk do not believe in the standard form of reproduction, as it leads to imperfection. So when the narrator's pregnancy is found out, they seek to "purify" the sin. In this case, purification comes by fire. More specifically, burning them to death.
  • The narrator mentions that her mate calls forth the lost arts when he fights their would-be executioners. What exactly these lost arts is an interesting possibility. We know that Taraysk is home to blood-shaping, but perhaps there were more forms of shaping known to them back in her glory days. What we can assume from the fight is that the narrator's mate was extremely resilient ("they cut him a thousand times") either by invoking these "lost arts" or by the way he was blood-shaped.
  • Divinity means "godlike." What this means for our upcoming shaper is inconclusive, but it could mean a lot for the future of Taraysk. Unless of course it's referring to the dessert known as divinity. I'd be ok with that too.
  • It's currently unknown whether the mother is the Shaper or if her Son is the shaper. I picked out a couple of points for each that could point to either being the Shaper:

Arguments for the Mother Being the Shaper:

  • The line "The spirit's breath is at my back" suggests that she already has a connection to a spirit before giving birth.
  • All previous audio logs except for Vex's are exclusively from the perspective of the shaper portrayed. While not conclusive given Vex's counter-example, the odds are in favor of the mother being the Shaper from this argument.

Arguments for the Son Being the Shaper:

  • The Mother is obviously not as "perfect" as Viyana (since Viyana is the "most perfect"), so this story definitely takes place a while before the Dawngate opens. Given this timeframe, the son would probably be old enough to fight by the time he enters the present story.
  • At the end of the log, the Mother reveals the name of her son to be Eshmar (or something like that). This wouldn't mean much except that revealing the shaper's name at the end of lore pieces is a common occurrence in Dawngate's lore.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at



Sorry to get here so late guys. This next month or so is going to be rough in terms of analysis writing, but I'll do my best to write them whenever I can.

So in panels one and two, Raina and Zalgus discuss how the little girl they found had to listen as everyone in the abbey was slaughtered. As I mentioned before, this is likely what caused the emotional torment that caused her spirit to find her and maker her a shaper. We still don't know what vitality this spirit is, but it certainly can't be anything good. As Zalgus points out, the girl is very dangerous, and does not think it wise to leave her with the Sisters (Of the nun variety). Raina claims that she will be the one to protect them from her, but that would mean delaying the trip to the West even more. At this point, it's difficult to say if they'll make it westward in time to form an alliance. Anzerani is slowly gaining more and more power, and might not see the northern shapers as particularly useful in the grand scheme of things.

As the siblings leave, Raina once again wonders about what could have happened at the abbey, and about what happened to Kindra. Zalgus' vitality shows him exactly what happened, but refrains from telling Raina. As we all know, it was Kindra who killed the Sisters, but Zalgus doesn't want to hurt his sister with the knowledge that their childhood friend has turned into a murderer (Although after the wolves, I'm not sure why they didn't see this coming).

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at

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