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MOBA-Champion was created within 24 hours of the first Dawngate closed beta test. We could tell right away that this game was something special, and immediatly got to work digging through the client files to glean as much information as we could. We realized that there were lots of people with tons questions and no place to find the answers. Who are the all the Shapers? What are the items? What is the best build? In order to answer these questions, MOBA-Champion was born.

We quickly became the go-to source for all things Dawngate. We were the first to provide a detailed list of items, stats, spells, loadouts and most importantly, shapers. We rushed to put together useful tools for the community, like the Stream Browser Chrome Extension and Item Shop Simulator. With tons of community feedback, we quickly learned that player guides were your #1 priority, and we delivered on that too.

Moving forwards, we're going to continue providing the #1 community site for Dawngate, with all the features you'd come to expect from a premium fan site. However, we're purely a volunteer site -- everything you see on this site is done from a close group of friends as a hobby. This site is being built with zero expectations of profitability. We're not part of any company, which means only a few ads to cover the hosting costs and pure freedom to deliver only what the fans want!

If however, you think we're doing a great job, feel free to donate a few bucks to help out with the hosting and provide some late night pizza for the team.

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