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The results are in for this bi-weekly edition of the Battle in the Bot Lane 2v2 Tournaments. Congratulations to King Puppy and Otsie on their tremendous run with some very unique shaper picks. We'll see you all next time on Friday, May 2nd!

1st Place:
non-magical kittens (Captain: magicalpuppy)

2nd Place:
With Ourselves (Captain: MrGooRoo)

3rd Place Ties:
VodkaGate (Captain: MarsCaturix)
KusDownsyBFFs (Captain: Kusqt)

5th Place Ties:    
PsychoKinetic Gaming (Captain: DarkBrisingr)
WhateverDude (Captain: Omglolitsj)
Nimbus10 HyperY (Captain: epideus)
FindMeonChristianMingle (Captain: ascaelus)

9th Place Ties:    
TSG Lore (Captain: Gaarawarr)
The Phewz (Captain: phewzrobo)
Doom 5 (Captain: muragmune)
Team Classic (Captain: Primacy)
Animus Voxx (Captain: SilverSpoon)
Left Nipple Right Nipple (Captain: Turtwiggy)
Just Dwan (Captain: EcchiOtakuXD)
T3 (Captain: NineFiveZero)

A common concern from the player's is that the new and improved Guardian is allowing for teams to turtle too easily and stall out games. Lead System Designer Gasty has posted about Waystone's plans to improve the Guardian.

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
We agree that games can still stall out more than what we intend. A lot of this has to do, as many of you have talked about recently, with the power of the Guardian. It is a goal that you can make progress against the Guardian by destroying cores, but currently this doesn't make him any easier to siege against (in fact, the opposite sometimes, as the more powerful cores are further back).
In the next patch we are introducing some changes that should make taking each core actually make destroying the Guardian easier, which will help to mitigate this issue

Additionally, Gasty seems to be pointing the Nerf Bat towards Kindra, who has attracted the ire of the community due to her capability to snowball games. We discussed popular Kindra nerfs at length during this week's Money Pigs Livecast, so we're looking forward to see what could be coming down the pipes.
Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Working on some Kindra changes internally; RIP

Tonight during the Battle in Bot Lane Tournament, Waystone's Paprcne popped in to alleviate some concerns about a lack of spectator client. For the high MMR #esports community, this is the most desired feature and we're really excited to find out more.
Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
We are working on spectator mode but no planned release date yet.

As many of you know, the Dawngate Data Stream has not been publishing any data since April 1st due to some system updates on the Waystone backend. While this process is still ongoing, the Datastream has started publishing User updates again. This data includes basic profile stats (wins, losses, etc) but also now includes a user's leaderboard Solo Queue Rating.

With the addition of the Solo Queue Rating, this means that Dawnscore is being retired. Dawnscore was an amazingly useful tool for estimating your MMR, but is no longer necessary when your actual Solo Queue Rating is available. We've updated Dawnscout to fully integrate the Solo Queue Rating, and adjusted our ranking tiers. For more info, please see the Dawnscout About page.

Please note that Dawnscore and the official Solo Queue Rating uses different scales and you will notice a significant drop in rating. However, these are relative values so do not panic!

Game data from the Data Stream is still offline. This means that the following site features will be delayed until it is available again: Dawnscout Statistics, Tier Lists, State of the Gate and the Dawnscout Breakdown. We do have some crazy detailed Statistics features planned out for when the data becomes available again, so stay tuned.

Jakethesnakeman's 1v1 tournament kicks off today at 11:00 AM CST. You can get all the details from his post on reddit or tune in to his stream on The action is followed up by the Battle in Bot Lane 16 tonight at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST.

The Battle in Bot Lane returns this week for some post-PAX hype! See your favorite Dawngate players and shapers duke it out in the bot lane. Four shapers enter -- two shapers leave! As always, we have a Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse as a prize for the winning team! Head over to the tournament page and register today!

Community Beta Guide Contest

Only five (5) days remain in our Community Beta Guide-Writing Contest. Head over to our Contest page for more information, and then to our Guide Editor and show us your stuff!

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