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Our partners at Dawncentral have just released their skin spotlight video for Emberclad Vex:

You can follow their twitter account at - - for more skin spotlights!

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

We're happy to announce that this Friday, July 25, we will be holding a community summit here at the studio, and we will be livestreaming it for your entertainment! We've invited community members such as Strippin, Sheebs, MegaZero, EGAD, Nickwu and more! They will be coming to our studio to enjoy a day of awesome reveals and entertainment.

The day wouldn't be complete unless we were streaming to you guys as well - so here is the schedule of events that you can expect on Friday.

1:30 - 2:30 PM PDT: New Shaper Reveal with Dan "Dibs" Gibson
2:30 - 3:00 PM PDT: Living Lore discussion with Creative Director Hunter "Zalgus" Howe
3:00 - 3:15 PM PDT: Practice Mode with Lead UI/UX  Designer Ian "Pigomigo" Hetu
3:15 - 3:30 PM PDT: Bots reveal with Assistant Designer Scott "Vex" Towne
3:30 - 3:45 PM PDT: Casting Mode reveal with Pigomigo
3:45 - ???: 5v5 Shoutcast + LAN party that doesn't stop until ???
So, as you can see, there are a LOT of things to reveal and discuss with you guys that you won't want to miss.

Casting mode? Check. Bots? Check. New Shaper? Check.

So be sure to tune in this Friday, July 25 starting at 1:30 PM PDT (21:30 CET) to see all the awesome fun over at our Twitch Stream

Thanks and we'll see you Friday!

What's At Stake?

A Knife in the Dark

A wise leader subdues his enemies without fighting. The Nine will remain in the shadows, waiting for opportune moments to seize control of existing powers.

The Nine will bide their time, looking for ways to make their mark in more... subtle ways. We won't see The Nine becoming a global superpower, but more of a coersive entity, controlling the decisions of those in power through methods involving assassination, blackmail, and bribery. Fenmore will also likely look for members that are adept in silently killing their prey and who are generally manipulative.

A Hammer in the Sun
A wise leader's forces fall like iron from the blue. The Nine must build an empire strong enough to shatter the existing powers at a time of our own choosing.

The Nine will rise up and take what is rightfully theirs. The nations of the world may resist, but against the power of shapers, armies are meaningless. If this options is chosen, then there will be much more open conflict in the world. Nations may fall, and rebellious groups of freedom fighters may emerge. Fenmore will also look for recruits that are focused more on combat and command. He'll also need a lot more than nine warriors if he is to establish his rule throughout the world.

Perhaps I am seeing this as a much bigger deal than it is, but I want to believe that this living lore decision will shape (heh) the course of the world in a huge way. There's a big difference between The Nine blackmailing some Western nobles and sieging Maridia until it is in ashes. We shall see. I've made my decision already, but in all honesty, I could see this lore vote being one of the most controversial when it comes to choosing a side. I can't wait to see what happens.

Released with today's new Dawngate Chronicles is a new Living Lore choice featuring Fenmore and Kindra.

The vote begins Monday, but Waystone has not said as of yet how long the voting will last this time around. Hopefully it lasts more than the three day period we had previously so everyone can get their chance to participate!

Emberclad Vex can be purchased from The Collection for 785 Waypoints

Shroomling Totem can be purchased from The Collection for 485 Waypoints

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Emberclad Vex

Petrus tapped his brow with one finger. Data didn't lie.

The volume of blood collected, the levels of nerve and tissue damage noted, the repeated sectioning of brain and muscle... The guards had missed it, of course. They barely visited the cell. If the illiterate street rat they'd hired to feed the beast had seen anything, she would have missed the significance.

Vitality Experiment IV should be dead. It should be dead many times over.

There was but one explanation, and it lay in the snaps of sickly green light he sometimes saw in the corners of his eyes during the surgeries. For weeks, he'd discarded them as tricks of light and age. But it was inescapable: the beast was Shaping. It channeled Vitality energy into healing itself. It couldn't know what it was doing, of course, despite its new ability to parrot speech.

So. He sat back, the cunningly carved oaken back of the chair digging into his sore shoulders. A mere animal that could Shape was too dangerous to live. The question was how to dispose of the problem. Cut off its head, perhaps? Or would it simply grow a new one? Burn it? But it had burned many times in the course of the experiments. The flames were not hot enough, never consumed the flesh quickly enough.

He realized, with a warm frisson of delight, that there was no telling how much damage such a creature could survive. Not unless one attempted to measure it. Where could the greatest temperatures in Maridia be found?

The answer was obvious enough. He dipped an eager quill into a nearby inkwell, flipped over his last set of prosthetic plans, and began to sketch.

The candles burned down.

Evening wind, laden with the scent of fish and oil, stirred the papers. Even after so many years, his instinct was to hold them down with his free hand... long gone. Cursing, he dropped worn quill and slapped at the papers. But they curled and flopped, sliding to the floor. Grumbling and harrumphing, he pushed back his chair and knelt to gather them up again.

"Maestre!" Varde's breathless voice blared.

Petrus startled, the back of his head striking the underside of the desk. "What?" snarled over the edge of the oak, swiping wisps of white hair away from his eyes.

Varde was panting, leaning against the door frame. "Sir! Experiment Four. He, he-"

"It," Petrus corrected, crossly. "Never anthropomorphize. Sympathy for a subject clouds objectivity. How many times must I remind you?"

The boy - more a young man now, he supposed - sketched a curt bow. "Yes, Maester. Sorry. It's escaped, sir."

He blinked once, bushy brows rising. "Experiment Four escaped?" Varde nodded.

Petrus looked down at the winch and harness design in his hand, proof against the molten slag of the great forges by the slums. "Bah," he muttered, and crumpled the sheets of paper.

Shroomling Totem

The grumbling mushrooms of the holy woods are not fun guys. They prefer to spend quiet afternoons alone in the shade. If you really want, they'll try to stay awake and watch. Ugh, all that running around. How do mammals endure it?


Sorry to get here so late guys. This next month or so is going to be rough in terms of analysis writing, but I'll do my best to write them whenever I can.

So in panels one and two, Raina and Zalgus discuss how the little girl they found had to listen as everyone in the abbey was slaughtered. As I mentioned before, this is likely what caused the emotional torment that caused her spirit to find her and maker her a shaper. We still don't know what vitality this spirit is, but it certainly can't be anything good. As Zalgus points out, the girl is very dangerous, and does not think it wise to leave her with the Sisters (Of the nun variety). Raina claims that she will be the one to protect them from her, but that would mean delaying the trip to the West even more. At this point, it's difficult to say if they'll make it westward in time to form an alliance. Anzerani is slowly gaining more and more power, and might not see the northern shapers as particularly useful in the grand scheme of things.

As the siblings leave, Raina once again wonders about what could have happened at the abbey, and about what happened to Kindra. Zalgus' vitality shows him exactly what happened, but refrains from telling Raina. As we all know, it was Kindra who killed the Sisters, but Zalgus doesn't want to hurt his sister with the knowledge that their childhood friend has turned into a murderer (Although after the wolves, I'm not sure why they didn't see this coming).

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at

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