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Hello, good people of the Dawngate community! It's been a while since my last Chronicles Analysis, so I figured I'd give a formal notice of what's happening along with a new analysis with a slightly different format.

I set out to write analyses of the Chronicles because I saw a lot of questions being asked about what it all meant, and who characters were. At the start of the Chronicles, it was difficult for lore-illiterate folks to know what was happening. At first I attacked comment sections with individual replies, answering as many questions as I could, but after I realized that it was happening so frequently, I conspired with MOBA-Champion to start writing a series of analyses to help everyone understand what was going on.

So why did I stop writing them? Well I realized that I had ceased explaining the world to people, and was pretty much just predicting what was going to happen based on what we knew. I don't have a problem with predicting what will happen in the lore, but it was getting away from what I had set out to accomplish with the Chronicles. In short: my goal was done. By the thirtieth Chronicle or so, it seemed that people no longer needed my explanation. I'm not done with Dawngate, but this chapter is coming to a close, and it's time to move on to other projects. In the mean time, I hope that my analysis of
Divinity is enlightening.


Key Points

  • There are many clues that identify the narrator's home as Taraysk. She mentions the vessels that the babies are shaped in (testtubes if you will), and talks about the tribes that scatter east and west around them.
  • The narrator and her mate are both centaur-like (human torso on a quadruped body). She mentions him galloping, and during her escape from Taraysk, there are galloping sounds in the background. This would indicate that they both have four hooves.
  • The people of Taraysk do not believe in the standard form of reproduction, as it leads to imperfection. So when the narrator's pregnancy is found out, they seek to "purify" the sin. In this case, purification comes by fire. More specifically, burning them to death.
  • The narrator mentions that her mate calls forth the lost arts when he fights their would-be executioners. What exactly these lost arts is an interesting possibility. We know that Taraysk is home to blood-shaping, but perhaps there were more forms of shaping known to them back in her glory days. What we can assume from the fight is that the narrator's mate was extremely resilient ("they cut him a thousand times") either by invoking these "lost arts" or by the way he was blood-shaped.
  • Divinity means "godlike." What this means for our upcoming shaper is inconclusive, but it could mean a lot for the future of Taraysk. Unless of course it's referring to the dessert known as divinity. I'd be ok with that too.
  • It's currently unknown whether the mother is the Shaper or if her Son is the shaper. I picked out a couple of points for each that could point to either being the Shaper:

Arguments for the Mother Being the Shaper:

  • The line "The spirit's breath is at my back" suggests that she already has a connection to a spirit before giving birth.
  • All previous audio logs except for Vex's are exclusively from the perspective of the shaper portrayed. While not conclusive given Vex's counter-example, the odds are in favor of the mother being the Shaper from this argument.

Arguments for the Son Being the Shaper:

  • The Mother is obviously not as "perfect" as Viyana (since Viyana is the "most perfect"), so this story definitely takes place a while before the Dawngate opens. Given this timeframe, the son would probably be old enough to fight by the time he enters the present story.
  • At the end of the log, the Mother reveals the name of her son to be Eshmar (or something like that). This wouldn't mean much except that revealing the shaper's name at the end of lore pieces is a common occurrence in Dawngate's lore.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at


Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

One of the most exciting elements of the MOBA genre is playing, and watching them be played, as a competitive sport. Regardless of if it is a tournament with prize money on the line, or simply an in-house game amongst friends, Dawngate is an extremely exciting game when played at a high level. One of the defining characteristics of playing competitively, regardless of the environment, is that players draft which Shaper they play as opposed to simultaneously picking them in a blind pick format. Naturally, the creation of an official draft mode was the first thing on our priority list as we entered into competitive beta and began to focus our design and developmental efforts on the features and tools necessary to support both the tournament scene as well as ranked play.

One of the primary differences between draft versus blind pick is the inclusion of bans. With bans, players can choose Shapers that are unavailable for either team to pick during the selection phase. We knew that we wanted banning in the game for several reasons.

One is that it serves as a safety net against balance outliers. As a live service that is constantly adding content, there's always the chance that a particular Shaper is too strong in the given metagame, and having the option to ban that Shaper out of the draft helps protect the integrity of the match.

The other key element that banning provides is strategic diversity. By preventing certain Shapers from being played, players can ban out entire strategies or team compositions which can force teams and players to require a deep Shaper roster with several different strategies at the ready. As a spectator sport, it's always more interesting to see new and different strategies being used, so we wanted to make sure our draft mode provided the tools necessary to prevent a single dominant strategy or team composition from being used in every match.

With these two high level goals in mind, the big questions were where to place the bans relative to the picks and how many bans to provide total. To action against our first goal of being able to ban out potentially over-tuned Shapers, there had to be at least a portion of the bans done immediately, before any Shapers were picked. That left the question of what was better for our second goal: placing the rest of the bans up front as well, or spacing them out between picks? Knowing that creating a larger amount of viable ban targets is what was going to create the most diverse compositions from game to game, we opted to place a set of bans after four initial picks. By allowing players to see the beginning of their enemy's team composition, it provides them additional information to base their bans on, such as banning out a Shaper that has excellent synergy with one their enemies had already selected. Similarly, by exposing several of their own picks to their enemy, they can also opt to ban out Shapers that are strong counters to the strategy that they have started to reveal.

With the format of having a set of bans initially, and a set of bans after several picks, it very quickly lead to the decision to have four bans total. By requiring that both teams received the same number of bans, that there was a set of bans initially as well as after several picks, and by wanting the lowest number of bans that fulfilled the first two requirements due to the current number of Shapers in the game, it naturally lead to having four bans.

With our banning strategy relatively well understood, the next phase of draft's development was determining the specific order in which the picks and bans would alternate between the two teams. The first two bans were straightforward, one for the Mortal team and one for the Spirit team. We opted to not give whichever team had the last ban the first pick, as that creates an environment where you can ban a hard counter to a particular Shaper, and then pick that Shaper before the opposing team has had a chance to react. This meant that Mortal team would also get first pick. To counterbalance the power that comes with having first pick, we gave Spirit team two simultaneous picks after the Mortal team's singular first pick. This was followed by the Mortal team getting their second pick to tie everything up.

With the above partial format providing a fair set of advantages and disadvantages to the two teams, we continued the draft format by applying the same process but in reverse team order. This meant that after the Mortal team's second pick, Spirit team would begin a ban phase again, continuing all the way through another set of four picks, but with the Mortal team having the simultaneous double pick. By mirroring the same set of picks, it theoretically equalizes any advantage one team had by going first or second in the initial phase.

This just left the last two remaining picks. The two options were to allow Spirit team to do another set of simultaneous picks after Mortal team's, followed by a Mortal team pick to end the draft, or to do singular picks alternating between teams, resulting in the Spirit team having the final pick to end the draft. In this position, the very last pick has the greatest advantage, since you have the most information available before you select your Shaper as well as the advantage of being unable to have your selection by countered by the enemy team. Since Mortal team has a slight map advantage in terms of vision due to the camera angle of the game, we opted to give Spirit Team the slight pick advantage with last pick. This finalized the draft format with two singular alternating picks.

So there you have it! This is the format we've been testing internally, and In order to continue to test draft mode for both tournaments as well as our upcoming Ranked mode, we'll be releasing it in an upcoming patch as an optional way to play Dawngate in custom games. Additionally, we'll be using this draft format in the first Race to the Gate tournament beginning on October 17th, so make sure you tune in to watch the best of the best battle it out for the right to compete in the Grand Invitational!

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Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

Every night it is the same.

He gallops across my dreams, sunlight gleaming off his armor. Feather-grass sways in his wake. I pursue him, he entices me. We stand among the tombs of elders from time so deep, their names are lost to rain and wind.

We re-learn what comes unpracticed to others. To the tribes that pass east and west around our ruins of stone and memory. To the beasts that wander north and south in yearly cycles. To the birds returning each spring, adding small voices to echo through the stillness.

He trembles when I touch him, eyes as wide as the steppe. His heart so quick and strong, I can hear it in the dark.

All our lives, they told us the vessels were the only way. The jars of light where essences are mixed. Arcs and helices that lurk beneath mortal vision, but not beyond Shaping.

When I began to show, they lecture us about our sin.

They say we must be purified. He holds my hand as the kindling is piled. He's shaking again. I tell him to be strong.

He is strong. He throws me through the flames. He charges them, calling forth the lost arts, using their own firebrands.

They cut him a thousand times. He does not let them past.

I run into the sunset, skin blistering and peeling, my hair a stinking torch. I do not stop. They cannot catch me. The Spirits' breath is at my back.

Every night it is the same. I startle awake, the memory of burning flesh in my nostrils, the sting of his final smile in my eyes.

But I hear our love made manifest, and I know it will be well.

Someday I'll tell Eshmar about his father.

Its the moment that we've been waiting for: Dawngate's first foray into a fully supported eSports event. ESL and Waystone have partnered up for the Race to the Gate Open Series, and the action kicks off today at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT. Once again, we've analyzed the teams participating in today's events and assigned a power ranking based on their predicted performance.

Each team is evaluated based on their recent results and historical trends, as well as their individual player predictions based on solo queue performance. You can check out the Pick'em for our power rankings below as well.

  • Band of Baddies
  • Surreal Gaming
  • Rare Elixir EU
  • Destructive Influence
  • Based
  • Rare Elixir NA
  • Soon TM
  • Live Free Dive Hard

Team Profiles with GoodOldMalk and Organic

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Before the Race to the Gate starting 5 PM PDT Friday and 11 AM PDT Saturday, we wanted to get a bit of insight on the competitive teams and looked towards some of our most knowledgeable community members.

For our team profiles, we have GoodOldMalk and Organic. GoodOldMalk has done fantastic work analyzing past tournaments and providing the community with spreadsheets full of data showing Shaper and item trends. With his excellent analysis, it's no surprise that he knows more than a bit about what's happening in the competitive scene. Organic has been a longstanding member of the Dawngate community and closely follows the competitive scene. He's definitely the one to go to for finding out the ins-and-outs of all the teams.

Band of Baddies (BoB)

The Globetrotters of the Dawngate world, aloof yet mechanically skilled beyond belief- Band of Baddies are one of the oldest ragtag group of players with more awards in their belts than any other team up to this date. They have been and still are one of the top contenders for the podium in the upcoming tournaments. However much to their dismay, those days of yore are long gone and while their core remains strong with players like TulceRaye, 50shadesofalpha, OtsieTootsie and mcscrag, newer changes to their roster and roles have made everyone's confidence in their future falter. TulceRaye, a fearsome Ashabel main, has stepped into the role of ranged gladiator carry while 50shadesofalpha, a remarkable Varion main, has stepped into the tactician role with his newly discovered King of Mask. With Arbaris now filling for Dallaren in the position of tactician, this leaves only OtsieTootsie and Mcscrag in their former roles as gladiator and hunter respectively. To top this off, Band of Baddies has publicly hinted that their real fears rest around Team Based because of their previous results in scrims. All things considered, their most recent success at the S1cknote 6 tournament have reminded us that they are still a force to be reckoned with while their previous results at the Dawngate Stars League and Xanogate Invitational point to other challenges looming just over the horizon: Surreal Gaming.


Surreal Gaming (SG)

Formerly "When's Para", Surreal Gaming is considered one of the top Dawngate teams at the moment. After putting on the SG tag and acquiring dominant solo queue players Ac1dz and Ferust, along with e-sports veteran Evaniskus, SG has no doubt become an incredibly dominant force in the Dawngate competitive scene. With plenty of creative compositions based around strong level one tactics, Evaniskus's ability to 360noscope Zalgus chains and Ferust's craving to outplay his enemies, SG is definitely a top contender in this week's Race to the Gate. Many eyes will be fixed upon them this weekend to redeem themselves after Band of Baddies denied them the 1st place spot at S1cknote Invitational #6. I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve for this tournament!



Based is a tale, a myth, a legend conveniently kept secret by a one-man army guarding the gates to the top 10 in the leaderboard. I am talking of course about the legendary DawnLu dynasty (I through IV). Overall, Based is regarded as one of the best team in Dawngate simply by virtue of their strong roster and their exceptional results in scrims where Dawnlu, Yagachu, Ghosty, Shivy and Elated have proven time and time again why they are some of the top players in Dawngate and number one on the leaderboards. True to this, Yagachu has built his reputation as a great Salous jungler within the community, while DawnLu forever roams the matchmaking looking for a worthy foe, instilling fear in the hearts of his enemies and seeding hope in his allies with his trademark Voluc, Cerulean and Kensu. All things said, the competitive scene has not been kind to Based when it comes to tournament results. Plagued by difficulties when it comes to available times, Based has for the most part escaped the spotlight up until the last S1cknote Tournament where they were regrettably brought down in the first match of the group stages. While a single loss can't possibly overshadow their strength as a team, it does paint a darker picture for the smallest of the giants who will first participate in a best-of-1 single elimination round before stepping into the brackets. Either way it will be good for their enemies to remember: Do not pursue DawnLu Bu.


Live Free Dive Hard (LFDH)

Live Free Dive Hard is a Dawngate team that has been around since the very beginning. The original roster included Fatseaturtle, Skyniss, Primeknight and two of BoB's current members, Mcscrag and Otsie. After falling off the face of the Dawngate competitive scene after placing first in the first ever S1cknote Invitational back in July, LFDH has reborn from their ashes with some rather familiar faces. Veteran players Porkch0ps and Mianhe have joined up to hone their skills to show that they've got what it takes to compete with the best. LFDH is coming into this tournament as a wildcard as this new roster has no past tournament showings on record. Will LFDH come out guns blazing? Tune in to the Race to the Gate Series this Friday to find out!


Rare Elixir EU (REEU)

European sister team of Rare Elixir NA, Rare Elixir EU joined the likes of Band of Baddies, Surreal Gaming, and Destructive Influence by winning every game on their way to the semifinals in the S1cknote Invitational. Comprised of many well-known European Dawngate players such as Snitch and Lumber, REEU has already garnered lots of attention from their European fanbase. Going up against veteran and newly reborn team LFDH this weekend, their match has generated the most commotion out of the four announced matchups and will definitely be one you'll want to tune in for!


Rare Elixir NA (RENA)

Stepping into the arena alongside their European sister team, Rare Elixir NA has swiftly swept into the tournament scene to the surprise of many. With victories over upcoming teams Les BaRs, Team Me Plus 4, Last Project and even established teams like (now disbanded) Hype Train, they have already managed to secure a 3rd place in one of the most prestigious and longstanding events, the Dawngate Stars League. Even though they possess a solid roster with the likes of Dinero_Tiempo, a very capable and very flexible leaderboard ranged carry, they have recently struggled to meet up to the challenge in the latest S1cknote 6 Invitational. Indeed there is a possibility, however small, that before RENA has any chance to claim their first place, they will likely have to say a bittersweet goodbye to their friend and sister team REEU. Odds claim however, that the match will not go in RENA's favor.


Destructive Influence (DI)

Destructive Influence is a European Dawngate team that shocked many in the past S1cknote Invitational. With what was rumored a 10-0 scrim record prior to the tournament, DI knocked out Based from their group in a best of one and proceeded to advance to the semifinals flawlessly. Although they did not advance to the finals, DI put on a solid performance against Band of Baddies. Running innovative and risky compositions such as a "Protect the Vex" line-up along with a teamfight oriented reset composition featuring Kindra, Basko, Ronan and Sakari, DI demonstrated strong synergy and confidence in their play while thriving in chaotic engagements. Their willingness to experiment with riskier compositions makes them a team that will definitely keep you on your toes!


Soon TM (STM)

SoonTM is a relatively new team that has attempted to step up to the challenge and claim their rightful bounty in the Dawngate competitive scene. With a strong lineup of leaderboard players, their ace player and gladiator Levi leads the charge against the likes of Based whom they are confident they can defeat. Their captain Xano has also managed to prove his extensive knowledge of the game by casting his very own spur of the moment Xanogate Tournament. Having only recently surfaced under the radar, the element of surprise favors this dark horse who have only played against BoB once in a tournament setting. Whether or not they succeed in their endeavor, only time will tell.


eSports Wiki

Be sure to check out the new and improved Dawngate eSports Wiki, hosted by MOBA-Champion and run by rljohn, GoodOldMalk and featuring several contributors from across the Dawngate. We've recently implemented a seasonal standings page on our Teams Portal. If you would like to contribute to the wiki, create an account and then send a permissions request to

Best of luck to all teams participating in the Race to the Gate: Northern Qualifier.

MOBA-Champion is a top 50 solo queue player and dirty Kindra main. He is a regular co-host on the Money Pigs Livecast and an avid Dawngate eSports enthusiast.

With today's Race to the Gate: North tournament, we're pleased to unveil a new beta feature: Pick'em. Pick'em allows you to predict the winners of various Dawngate eSports tournaments and Lore events. Your scores will be tracked throughout the season and the players with the best pick-em results at the end of the season will win a prize (TBD).

We managed to finish this feature right at the wire, so testing has been limited. Please report all bugs you may find on this thread. The first iteration of the Pick'em leaderboard will be available after this weekend's tournament. Pick'em editing will be disabled at 5:00 PST when the tournament begins.

This month's guide-writing contest focuses on Ronan, the Peacemaker. The guide-writing contest runs for approximately 5 days and ends on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST. Best of luck to all the entrants!

How to Enter

  • Create a Ronan guide in our Guides Editor before Monday, October 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST
  • Set the guide's privacy option to Public to be included in the contest. Private guides will not be judged.
  • Make sure you set your in-game name in the Guide editor so we know how to identify you.

How to Win / Rules

At the end of the contest, our team will select our top 3 guides to be announced after the following episode of the Money Pigs Podcast. Guides will be judged based on the quality of content. High amounts of positive votes are a good indicator of quality, but will not guarantee a win in the contest. Anyone caught downvoting all other guides will be disqualified from the contest.


  • 1st: An item from the collection worth up to 885 Waypoints (Most skins + Announcer Packs)
  • 2nd: An item from the collection worth up to 585 Waypoints (Most skins)
  • 3rd: An item from the collection worth up to 485 Waypoints (All ward skins)

Previous Winners

Also, don't forget to check out the winner's of last month's Guide Contest featuring Flin:
1st Place: For Glory! by Alucard Vanguard
2nd Place: Hutan Daddy by imsmitten
3rd Place: Beetle In Charge by Elmanbeastio

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