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Our partners at Dawncentral just put out a Shaper Spotlight for Tess, featuring gameplay and ability previews:

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Be sure to follow their twitter at - - for more Dawngate videos!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Spiritstone of the Rogue's Unique Passive to proc on jungle minions and lane creeps, when it is only intended to work against Shapers.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the item Harmony to to continue to grant the Unique Passive Symbiosis to nearby allies while the carrier was dead.

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
EU Alpha Servers light up for testing this week

You've asked. You've been patient. And it's finally happening. EU Alpha Servers are coming to the Dawngate! They won't be live immediately because we need to roll them out responsibly. Here's how it's gonna work. Here on patch day, you'll be able to set your default region. We'll light them up for the first pair of tests later in the week:

Thursday July 31: 12:00-3:00pm PDT (9:00p-midnight CEST)
Friday August 1: 12:00-3:00pm PDT (9:00p-midnight CEST)
If you're an EU player, please plan to play during these times to help stress the system. As you guys help us to get the confidence we need, we'll leave them on longer until they're 24/7 and take the "Alpha" sign off of the door.

Tess, The Sky Captain

As always, we check in with Lead Shaper Designer Dan "Dibs" Gibson on what it took to bring the latest Shaper into the Dawngate. Dan reflects on making Tess, The Sky Captain:

"The unique requirements put forth from every iteration of Tess' concept made her a particularly fun Shaper to design. Ever since her first appearance in concept artist Kindra Haugen's character proposal, we knew that we had a large challenge on our hands - but one that ultimately would create one of the most fun kits in Dawngate. Tess combines arguably the most powerful mobility in the game with exceptional ability burst for a ranged Carry, differentiating her gameplay from our other Carries in a really interesting way. Tess is brimming with character and is one of the most awesome Shapers in the lineup yet, brought to life wonderfully by our newest animator Cal Williams. I think she's guaranteed to be a new favorite for our players."

Tough gal on a hoverbike that doubles as a cannon, riding around mocking gravity and talking smack? Have fun. ;-)

Practice Mode & Bots!

You asked for it. You told us we needed it. You were right. So now we're giving it to you: our first pass at a tutorial for new players. We call it Practice Mode.

New players entering the Dawngate for the first time will immediately go into a bot game with tool tips that teach the basics of Dawngate. This game must be completed before matchmaking is unlocked. After that, players can revisit practice mode as often as they like. Clicking on Tips will pause the game, giving you time to read the core concepts of what makes Dawngate unique among other MOBA. Currently, this first version of this feature is aimed at the new Dawngate player. Subsequent versions will teach the new MOBA player fundamentals of the genre as well. But we didn't want to hold onto this forever, so we're implementing it in stages.

As always, please help us beta test this feature. This is a first implementation, and we know we have more work to do. Leave your feedback and use that Bug Report button in the client.

Living Lore has started feeding back into the game

We're all starting to feel the power of Dawngate's Living Lore as the feature comes to life. A few weeks ago, you directed Zalgus & Raina to disobey Queen Sereyn's dictum to entreat with the lords in the West, instead sending them off in search of an old friend in the north. As a result The Dawngate Chronicles followed their journey. You saw a hooded Raina summon a beautiful shield made of shards of stained glass. She worked to rescue a horrified little girl with incredible powers.

That little girl you found? She was a new Shaper. And that outfit Raina is wearing, that stained glass shield? That's a new skin that you'll be able to get very soon.

So the question that begs is: what else will you find as you guide the story? As I said last month, we're beta'ing the design of Living Lore, and the lore team at Waystone is learning a lot. Please sound off in the forums or subreddit and let us know what's working and what's not.

Fenmore ... how will his power manifest?

Fenmore is has always been a player favorite in both the game and the Dawngate Chronicles. Focused and driven, many see certain pragmatism that is seems undeniably ... efficient ... despite his questionable morality. And now you guys get to drive this critical character arc! Will Fenmore raise a massive army to extend his power in the light of day? Or will he focus his power behind the scenes with a small, elite squad?

Who will Fenmore be? This is a critical choice, one that will ripple through the story for a long time. Think carefully about what you want to happen. We'll follow your lead. Fire up Dawngate and vote now!

The Competitive Balance Initiative

Meanwhile in the world of competitive gameplay, we've hatched a scheme that we think brings developers and players even closer together. We're excited to start the Competitive Balance Initiative, an organized effort aimed at pulling high MMR players in Dawngate's burgeoning competitive scene directly into the live balance process. We've said it from the beginning: if you guys want to play Dawngate as a sport, we'll support you. Working with grassroots tournament organizers, we'll be able to analyze your picks, your bans, your wins, your team comps ... all the things that define play at the highest skill levels in Dawngate.

Check out Gasty's post on the subreddit for more info on how to become eligible to participate.

We also want to thank you guys in the competitive scene who have pushed us and held our feet to the fire on these issues. It's humbling to see the passion you guys bring, and it's driving us hard to sharpen Dawngate into a finely tuned weapon for your competitive enjoyment.

The Influencer's Summit

And finally, last Friday we were able to hold our first Dawngate player's "Influencer" summit! This first gathering was comprised primarily of small subset of the folks who stream Dawngate very regularly and are actively helping us to spread the game.

One thing united every single player we invited: they all truly love Dawngate. Some of these guys have been with us since the game first leaked. Some are relatively new. Some run podcasts. Some are professional MOBA players. All of them love the game, and that's critical to us. We don't want to buy the love ... we just want to share in it and make more!

So we brought them in for a great day. We play-tested some upcoming changes in the Design Sandbox and got excellent feedback on what we're working on for you guys. We revealed tons of new features on the stream, doing live Q&A with the group as we went. And as day turned into night the whole thing morphed into a giant Waystone LAN party with devs and players just playing their favorite games with each other. Can't wait to do it again.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the Dawngate,

Dave 'paradoxiq' Cerra
Lead Producer, Waystone Games

New Shaper

Tess, the Sky Captain

Tess is a ranged, physical damage Carry who sacrifices basic attack steroids for ability burst and tremendous long-range mobility. Tess excels in the Gladiator role, safely last hitting or harassing her enemies from afar, but may also choose a Tactician or Predator role to take advantage of her ganking potential. Tess' core kit is focused around her unique mobility ability, Mount Up. Mount Up opens many opportunities to Tess that don't exist for other Shapers when it comes to taking objectives or joining fights. Combined with Tess' above-average ability burst, Mount Up allows Tess to apply global pressure whenever she wishes. In the early game, play close attention to your jungler and other lane - when it comes to a fight, Tess can often be the first to arrive and empowered core abilities or her ultimate can swing an otherwise unwinnable exchange in your favor. As the game progress to the mid and late-stage, consider Tess' extended range to secure objectives or push lanes separately - no Shaper is faster than Tess and it's her greatest advantage on the battlefield.

  • Passive - Pure Shaper - Crow's Nest - Tess may cast her abilities freely. Deals true damage when attacking enemy Shapers, on a cooldown. The cooldown of this effect is extended when taking damage from enemy Shapers.
  • Q - Bombshell - Fires a missile in target direction, damaging and applying on-hit effects to the first target struck and damaging all enemies in a cone behind them. Overdrive: Deals increased damage and applies 3 on-hit effects.
  • W - Mount Up - Grants greatly increased movespeed after a short mounting period. Remaining mounted for a duration enters Overdrive, empowering Tess' next Bombshell or Backdraft.
  • E - Backdraft - Fires a rocket to target location, damaging and slowing all enemies hit. Overdrive: Slow is greatly increased.
  • R - Heavy Iron - Drops an anchor in target direction, damaging all enemies it hits and leaving a trail of destruction on the ground that slows enemies.

New Feature - Practice Mode

Practice Mode
  • Practice Mode may now be selected from the Front-End Client. This will place a solo-player in a game with 4 AI partner against 5 AI opponents. During this mode, players will be presented with context driven tips to help them learn Dawngate.
  • Completing one Practice Mode game will be required for all accounts created after Tuesday 7/29/14 or any account that has yet to play one matchmade game of Dawngate.

Balance and Tuning



  • Zephyr Stance - Slipstream (E)
    • The range of this ability has been increased to 1200, up from 1020.


  • Revolt (Q)
    • The base damage of this ability has been reduced to 45/65/85/105/125, down from 55/75/95/115/135.
    • The Power ratio on this ability has been reduced to 0.4, down from 0.5.
    • The empowered base damage of this ability has been reduced to 65/100/135/170/205, down from 80/115/150/185/220.
    • Fixed a bug where the percentage ability overload granted from Mastery was unintentionally applying to on-hit effects triggered from this ability.
  • Unbreakable (W)
    • The total damage done by this ability has been reduced to 50/80/110/140/170, down from 60/95/130/165/200.
    • The total Power ratio on this ability has been reduced to 0.7, down from 0.8.
    • The amount of shielding Basko receives when used against jungle creatures has been reduced to 33%, down from 50%.
  • Onslaught (E)
    • The cleave damage reduced to 50/75/100/125/150, down from 60/85/110/135/160.
    • The second activation damage has been reduced to 50/75/100/125/150, down from 60/85/110/135/160.


  • Kindra now has a passive:
    • Shadow Fury - Night Strike, Duskmantle and Shadowstep have their cooldowns reset if Kindra gets a kill or assist.
    • The reset mechanic has been moved off of Kindra's Night Strike, Duskmantle and Shadowstep and placed on her Passive - Shadow Fury.


  • Kel now has a passive:
    • The Shepherd - Whenever Kel is hit by a basic attack, the cooldowns of all of his abilities are reduced by 0.25 seconds. The cooldown reduction effect is reduced to 0.1 seconds for attacks from non-shapers.


  • Knife Toss (Q)
    • The base damage of this ability has been increased to 55/90/125/160/195, up from 35/75/115/155/195.
  • Surge (W)
    • The cooldown of this ability has been reduced to 13/12/11/10/9, down from 14/13/12/11/10.


  • Voluc now has a passive:
    • Mark of Consumption - Whenever Voluc deals damage with an ability to a target he applies a Mark of Consumption, causing them to take 3% (+1.5% per 100 Power) of their maximum health as magical damage over 2 seconds. Voluc is healed an amount equal to the damage dealt. Damage against non-Shaper is reduced to 1.5% (+0.75% per 100 Power) of their maximum Health.
  • Sentinel Strike (Q)
    • Basic attacks against non-Shapers now reduce the cooldown of this ability by 0.25 seconds, down from 0.33 seconds.
  • Curse of Weakness (W)
    • The passive Lifedrain granted by this ability has been removed.
  • Devour (E)
    • The base damage of this ability has been reduced to 55/100/145/190/235, down from 60/105/150/195/240.
  • Damnation (R)
    • The base damage of this ability has been adjusted to 200/350/500 over 4 seconds, from 280/360/440.



  • The attack damage bonus from the Stackable Passive: Precision has been increased to 25, up from 10.
  • The cost of this item has been increased to 1500, up from 1425.


  • The cost of this item has been increased to 3000, up from 2765.


  • The flat basic attack damage increase from the Unique Passive: Exploit Weakness has been increased to 25, up from 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the basic attack damage increase from this ability was unintentionally applying to abilities in addition to basic attacks.


  • The cost of this item has been increased to 1500, up from 1495.


  • The tooltip on this item has been updated to calculate and show the amount of true damage your auto-attacks will deal.


  • The cost of this item has been reduced to 3000, down from 3065.


  • The Health granted by this item has been increased to 450, up from 400.
  • The total amount of Health provided by the Unique Passive: Endless Bounty has been reduced to 150, down from 200.
  • The total amount of Armor provided by the Unique Passive: Endless Bounty has been reduced to 20, down from 25.
  • The cost of this item has been increased to 3000, up from 2870.


  • The Health to Power conversion ratio on the Unique Passive: Juggernaut has been increased to 1.5%, up from 1.25%.


  • The Health granted by this item has been reduced to 380, down from 460.
  • This item now gives 25 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds.
  • The cost of this item has been increased to 3000, up from 2700.


  • The flat basic attack damage increased granted by the Unique Passive: Giant Killer has been increased to 25, up from 10.
  • The cost of this item has been decreased to 3000, down from 3115.


  • The Health granted by this item has been increased to 450, up from 400.
  • The cost of this item has been increased to 1500, up from 1010.

General Updates

The Collection

  • Re-ordered some search Filters.
  • Added a new search filter for 'The Chronicles.'

Front-End Client

  • The Play Screens and Group Queue Lobby art has been updated to be more consistent with the new art around the Front-End Client.

If you haven't seen any Dawngate YouTube videos by t0ss, you've been missing out. His latest video and the first of a series titled "Know Your Enemy" features a big game-winning play on Zalgus.

As some of you may be aware, we're in the process of making improvements to our guides system. Over the next few weeks you should see some subtle changes to the guides interface, as well as some major changes, like the addition of Guide Tags, General Guides, Quick Guide configuration options, and more. The first of such improvements is a change to the way that guide voting works.

Previously, once a vote was cast, it was cast forever. Now, votes have an expiration date. After 9 weeks, your vote will expire. You can always recast a vote at any time, and voting on a previously voted guide will refresh its timer.

The intention is to keep our top-rated guides current and fresh. We'll also be adding more sorting options, so you can look for recently updated guides, especially for guides that have been updated since major patches. Please leave your feedback in the comments, as well as any suggestions for more improvements you'd like to see to our Guide system.

Dawngate Chronicles