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If you haven't been following this weeks chronicles, catch up here. This weeks choice features Zeri going on a secret mission with Renzo, OR Zeri ditching Renzo and helping Khagen escape the town under nightfall. Remember, whatever is chosen will affect future content from Waystone including lore and future skins!

The vote begins on Monday, but Waystone hasn't said for how long the vote will last this time around. So get your votes in!

There was also a small hotfix put out today:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

  • Players will no longer see the Gamescom wards in The Collection if they didn’t earn or unlock them.
  • Fixed a rare issue that was causing Striders to not attack The Guardian.
  • Automated the EU Server turn-on event to be every day at 16:00 CET – 24:00 CET (7:00 PDT – 15:00 PDT)

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
As the community of Dawngate grows, the Waystone Games crew grows right along with it! As such, we would like to welcome prolific streamer and long-time community member, Michael "Spinaldash" Perez to the Waystone Games team as a Quality Analyst.

While considering additions to our development team, we knew to look for someone with a deep understanding of the MOBA genre in addition to great passion for the game. We knew that we had a prime candidate for this position in Michael as he exemplifies all qualities that we were looking for in a member of Waystone Games.
We are excited to add such a respected and talented player to our team and know that he will help us make Dawngate a success!

Though he may no longer be streaming quite as often, we'll be sure to have him on the Waystone stream every once in a while. In fact, you can catch him on stream today at 1:30 PM PDT for our developer livestream!

Come give Michael a warm welcome to the team and be sure to come out for today's stream to see him in the office!

Sadly, this means that Spinaldash will be leaving Moba Champion's Moneypigs Podcast. We'd like to thank Spinal for all his hard work and top tier insight that he contributed to the podcast every Monday and wish him the best of luck with his future at Waystone Games!

Gasty stopped by the Money Pigs Livecast stream today and answered several questions in Twitch chat.

Regarding Sakari's ice blocks triggering turret aggro:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Displacements will trigger binding call for helps, since you can use them to kick people out from under bindings into teams, etc.
for later.
Gastytv: If it doesn't push someone, it shouldn't trigger Binding aggro.

On item and price normalization:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: To clarify, we're not giving up on normalization. The plan is to normalize, but normalize around more price points per tier to provide the strategic choices being described here. No more 2970 vim and 3060 vim items, those two would both become 3000 still, etc.

The chance of the Progression update being available in customs, similar to the Map v2 testing:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Yes, that is being considered; it may or may not happen depending on how much additional testing we feel is necessary.

The long awaited spell swapping:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Spell swapping is coming either next patch or the one after, soon!

Watch the full VoD with MobaChampion, Twerp78, TheBlueMuzzy and Mars_Caturix here!

Update: The event has been postponed until next Friday, August 29th.

Registration is open for Battle in Bot Lane 22! The Battle in Bot Lane is Dawngate's premium bi-weekly 2v2 tournament and is hosted by Dawngate veterans Twerp78 and Spinaldash. There are plenty of registration slots available, so duo up and head over to the event page to sign up. The action begins tonight Friday August 29th at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST on Twitch.TV when up to 32 teams battle it out for a chance to call themselves the best 2v2 team in Dawngate!

Please note that we've run out of Logitech G602's, so the participants will be competing for in-game prizes only.

1st: Collection items worth up to 885 (Includes skins + announcer packs)
2nd: Collection item worth 485 (includes all ward skins)

EU Servers

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
RSFlux: We decided to leave them on for a bit longer, since they have been very popular. We will decide on a new timeframe and post that soon, but until then enjoy that snappy EU ping ;)

Karma Explanation

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
The way it was explained is that each game you finish, you can give X karma points. These points are distributed amongst those you choose to Karma.

WaystoneMikella: This is a common misconception. The truth is that giving Karma to more people in a single game has no effect on the Karma you give to each individual.

There are two main things that influence how much Karma you are giving someone in a game:
1. The trend of how much you give out Karma in general, over a long period of time (say ~50 games).
2. The relationship of the other player to you (ie. Karma-ing an enemy gives more than allies).

If you consistently give Karma to 4 people and someone else consistently gives Karma to 9 people, yours will be worth more, yes.

We track a "behavior rating" which you can think of like a multiplier on Karma you give. Everyone starts out with a median behavior rating value. If you vote a lot your rating goes down a little and if you don't vote much it goes up a little. Note that a single game doesn't move this rating very much, what is really important is how you vote over the long haul (50+ games).

New Auto Attack Animations

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
WaystoneDibs: Looooots of new auto attack animations this patch. Enjoy!

Starlight Sakari can be purchased for 585 Waypoints in The Collection

This page will be updated with the splash art as soon as Waystone makes it available

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
"Is this real metal?" she asked. She rapped a frost-scarred knuckle on the breastplate. The cold that had seeped into the armor bit at her; a deep tone reverberated through the hut. On the far side of the table, Kimmik flicked his ears and growled in his sleep.

Mama reached from her work to still the noise. "You wake that dog, Sakari, you're taking him pee."

"Sorry," she said, head scrunching down into her shoulders. "Where did it come from?"

"That's been with our tribe for a long time. Since before we came oversea. From when we lived in a... a really big village, called Kish. With more people than you've ever seen."
Sakari leaned her elbows on the table and shoved her chin into her fists, gazing at the parts and pieces of it. The dust-dulled metal was lacquered the blue of a storm-stirred tide, or the sky just shy of sunset. "It's got moons all over," she said.

"It was worn by... priestesses, I think," mama said. "It's not real armor, not for fighting. It's armor for looking nice when you stand in front of people."

"For when they was priestessing things?" She fingered the polished top of one shoulder's moon-crescent. "Don't the wings and moons poke you in the head?" she asked, "I mean, if you move wrong."

Mama squinted down at her work, one corner of her mouth twisting. "Sakari, go to sleep."

She picked up the helmet and plopped it on her head. "Ow." It rolled heavily to one side, far too large for her, and she slapped her hands down to keep it from toppling to the floor. "How do you see?" she said. "Not through these little holes..."

"That's not yours to play with," Mama said, setting down her tools in a clatter. The weight rose off her neck; light returned. The helmet was settled back to the table. "You hear, you feel. I think the priestesses were guided by the Spirits when they had to walk around."

"Oh." She guessed that made sense. "Whose is it now, then?" she asked. "And why we got it here?"

Mama grimaced. "Always so many questions, child! It's for the Groom of Winter. Or Bride. Whichever it is. We keep it for the Ceremony of Betrothal. They wear it then."

"So they don't get to keep it?" She frowned. That was too bad. It was fair, though - there was only one armor, and there must have been lots of brides and grooms. She only remembered one, though. Kind of. A blurry evening of bonfires, and more food than she'd ever seen. Later, while she drifted to sleep against mama, the sound of tears. But mama had held her warm and tight, fingers stroking her long black hair, and whispered, "Never," over and over, until she dreamed the word all night.

She traced a finger along the curl of a wave on one shoulder piece. "But mama, what if the groom is too big or little to fit in it?"

"Then a little girl who's up past her bedtime has to spend three weeks cleaning all the fish her big brothers catch."
She stuck her tongue out and disappeared back under the pile of sleeping furs.

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